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New Profile Posts

  1. transexl
    Beginning to be nervous because Rolf (commonguy) and me are going to the UK on Friday!
  2. Doubletopandout
    Hi i am looking for a p6 project that does not need any welding please contact if your selling
  3. transexl
    Waiting for our garage being built!- home for Jimmy and the bikes, and for improved spannering
  4. GRTV8
    Auckland New Zealand. "Oldie but a Goodie"
  5. ReinhardP
    At the moment I feel well and that's the reason why I feel good...
  6. Eus
    Eus rockdemon
    Hi, I am not receiving any emails when people are replying on my messages. I believe all settings are corect. Any Idea what causes this issue?
    thanks, Eugene
  7. Telford81
    Looking for a tidy P6 to buy, not fussed on which model (prefer manual over auto), but family constraints have banned "mud" coloured ones!
  8. rovergrown
    rovergrown norsewood
    Hi bud, interested in the gearbox etc you have for sale, can you phone , text me on 07956122483 or leave me your number and I will contact you to discuss price etc? Many thanks.
  9. jdp
    Committee member of Craven Old Wheels, club member of Wetherby Clasic Cars Club.
  10. jdp
    Chairman of Yorkshire Rover Club. Yorkshire Regional representative for Rover Sports Register.
  11. kingrat00
  12. Pcprice63
    New member of this 13 step process. 1) Buy Rover ✔ 2) Join Forum ✔ 3) ?
  13. sdibbers
    sdibbers Cafcpete
    Hey Pete, Got to ask. Are you from the Charlton area originally?
  14. rovergrown
    Pic up on profile
  15. ironandcopper
    I painted my new 3.5 V8 block red, sump is black, heads will be silver, intake will be black and rocker covers polished with black lines :)
  16. mikeswiss
    mikeswiss The Rovering Member
    Hi there- I saw this picture and realized it is my old car..! I sold it in London in 2003 with much regret. It is looking very nice and smart now! Does it still have the revolution alloys?
  17. MickEssex
    MickEssex The Rovering Member
    I hope you don't mind me asking, harveyp6 suggested I contact you to see if you have a towbar for sale that will fit my series 2.
  18. TyroleanRover
  19. Rudiger Wicke
    Rudiger Wicke Pierre19
    no reply? :-)
  20. transexl
    Work in progress - on all my drives and rides...