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New Profile Posts

  1. Rudiger Wicke
    Rudiger Wicke seven7
    Hallo, der ex-P6 von Herrn Krüger in Darmstadt? :-)
  2. Mr masala
    Mr masala
    Has anyone any experience in fitting the OUTER DOOR WEATHERSTRIP to a P6 as supplied by Wins ..If so what do you think of the end result
  3. landy.lover
    Spend more time on Facebook groups <3
  4. georgecook
    New email address gcookcassop73@gmail.com
  5. transexl
    Seeing the light at the end of the P6 tunnel/money funnel...
  6. transexl
    Best car money could buy - the P6!
  7. Phil Robson
    Phil Robson
    I'd give you the seats Chas, but would be happy to meet you at say Sheffield or Chesterfield one Sunday so £30 for fuel would be welcomed.
  8. cbv8
    cbv8 Phil Robson
    Hi Phil,
    What do you want for the seats? also i see you are over 100 miles from me :-(
    1. cbv8
      Aug 29, 2017
  9. transexl
    The UK is just LOVELY! - and our Jimmy the best car I could think of!!
  10. catboy
    catboy mikecoombs
    Hi Mike

    I'm after after both rear shockers part no 529617

    And both front shockers part no 516747

    Not sure about a make these are heavy duty shockers

    Cheers Lee
  11. transexl
    Beginning to be nervous because Rolf (commonguy) and me are going to the UK on Friday!
  12. Doubletopandout
    Hi i am looking for a p6 project that does not need any welding please contact if your selling
  13. transexl
    Waiting for our garage being built!- home for Jimmy and the bikes, and for improved spannering
  14. GRTV8
    Auckland New Zealand. "Oldie but a Goodie"
  15. ReinhardP
    At the moment I feel well and that's the reason why I feel good...
  16. Eus
    Eus rockdemon
    Hi, I am not receiving any emails when people are replying on my messages. I believe all settings are corect. Any Idea what causes this issue?
    thanks, Eugene
  17. Telford81
    Looking for a tidy P6 to buy, not fussed on which model (prefer manual over auto), but family constraints have banned "mud" coloured ones!
  18. rovergrown
    rovergrown norsewood
    Hi bud, interested in the gearbox etc you have for sale, can you phone , text me on 07956122483 or leave me your number and I will contact you to discuss price etc? Many thanks.
  19. jdp
    Committee member of Craven Old Wheels, club member of Wetherby Clasic Cars Club.
  20. jdp
    Chairman of Yorkshire Rover Club. Yorkshire Regional representative for Rover Sports Register.