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New Profile Posts

  1. ButterFingers
    All men make mistakes ... ---but married men find out about them a lot sooner
  2. mikecoombs
    mikecoombs So Cal V8
    Hi Alan

    I hope you find this.... Can't remember how to do a PM on this new system..j.ust wondering how you are going and making sure you haven't gone down the river with the rain...How much fo rall thses pieces off your wreck? thats the air con bits and door stops etc.

  3. Rocky Ward
    Rocky Ward Demetris
    Would you consider selling me either the throttle parts I need off you old carb set up maybe the entire carb setup ?

    Regards, Karl.
  4. horseman
  5. Mark Watkins
    Mark Watkins
    Soon to be an ex P6 owner
  6. Rudiger Wicke
    Rudiger Wicke Pierre19
    Hello Pierre, what are the chassis numbers of your P6s? Thanks
  7. Rudiger Wicke
    Rudiger Wicke
    Vielen Dank Was ist zur Historie des Wagens zu sagen?
  8. Viking virgin
    Viking virgin Rudiger Wicke
    Hallo Rudiger.
    Du hast wegen meine Fahrgestellnummer gefragt
    Die lautet wie gefolgt:
    Das Auto ist ein 2000TC von1969
    und hat 70 000 km runter
    Weitgehend original, aber eine Neulackierung waere angebracht.
    Ich hoffe die Auskunft reicht Dir aus. Wenn Du irgendwelche Fragen hast, antworte ich sie gerne.

  9. Rudiger Wicke
    Rudiger Wicke Viking virgin
    Hello Clive, what´s the chassis number of your P6?
  10. Tonys_P5b_coupe
    ....All other gears ok. Checked and fluid well below L so topped it up to H, but still same problem. Any ideas please.
  11. Tonys_P5b_coupe
    Bought first P5b in Feb. In December reverse plays up, only engages 50% of attempts and weaker (stops reversing up slopes)....
  12. Tonys_P5b_coupe
    Hi Everyone, New Years Greetings from a new member on the Cornwall-Devon border (ex Londoner).
  13. rover100rich
    rover100rich Trevor Parsons
    hi trevor i see you were looking for bronze interior , i have glove boxes in bronze if you are interested
  14. Viking virgin
    Viking virgin mikecoombs
    Hi Mike. My email is clivewest57@hotmail.com . Thanks for the information regarding extending doors. It sounds just like I pictured it in my head.

    1. mikecoombs
      will send on Monday when I'm back at work.
      Jan 4, 2017
  15. ironandcopper
    Who would have thought that a P6B with a snapped crank shaft would still start and have 40lbs of oil pressure!!
  16. Barten
    Happy Rover driver!
  17. Rudiger Wicke
    Rudiger Wicke John Deely
    Hello John, what´s the chassis number of YTT? Thanks
  18. p6parts.com
    hi all! I hope all of you Rover Guys are enjoying the "HOLIDAYS" Remember, I am getting rid of everything including my TC/SC cars ASAP.
  19. AusDav
    Mk 1, 68 P6 3500, after an Ignition Switch for the dash, mine fell apart! 2 central connections, with 8 on perimeter. I am a real novice.
  20. 1967p6
    restoring a 1967 series 1 2000