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    HOW MUCH!!! Prototype V8?

    Here's the link to most of her history; JXC813D History
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    HOW MUCH!!! Prototype V8?

    I agree based on the description of who's selling it.. I've send so many e-mails on it its not funny anymore. The thing about this car is that it takes a lot of knowledge of P6Bs in order to spot the differences as they aren't so plain and obvious. Nor was it designed to be, it was designed to...
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Someone mentioned the value of the car being realistic unless completely original. That's contradictory for a few reasons which I'll state below. 1. Rover picked bare base-units off the production lines. If you think your car can rot, then multiply that by ten. They had no serious coating or...
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Feel free to PM if you need more stuff for your newsletter Mike! :)
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Valid questions MikeMelb! The pictures below will answer most of your questions. I am not sure when the Rostyles were fitted, but they were on the car and I simply left them there although there's a set of period-correct NOS hubcaps in the boot. So, Rover already had what we now know to be the...
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    5x Magstar Wheels

    Aren't they generic Kelsey Hayes ones with a different centre badge? I think they're on eBay USA.
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    5x Magstar Wheels

    Located in Europe, comes with a complete set of wheel nuts and I believe two centre caps. I've never had the others. They came off a 3500S we imported some years ago. The tyres have been removed. They fit standard hubs. They don't require modifications to the wheelarches or anything like that as...
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    new modern air conditioning

    Fenair in the UK would be able to help. Do you means as per production or just a retrofitted non OE item Rudiger?
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    10.5 V8 high compression pistons

    Try Omega pistons in the UK. Perhaps best to contact them is via JE developments who can furnish you with advise. I have a set of NOS 10.5 to 1 pistons but as you can imagine won't part with them as they're impossible to obtain.
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    5-way Dual-Line brakeline junction (nada)..

    Range Rover Classic PDWA brake valve Triumph Stag MG brake switch 565550 | eBay That should do the trick..
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    5-way Dual-Line brakeline junction (nada)..

    Hi Steve, Try Range Rovers, early models have them. Believe some Triumphs had them too as I bought a NOS connector for the warning switch from a Triumph supplier a good number of years ago. Will see if I can find some on eBay and then share here.
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    Washington State USA

    1966 Rover 2000TC Seemingly good car.
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    129 Rovers for sale in one auction

    Some interesting cars there - the Sharkstooth looks brilliant and there's the 7th 2000 automatic in export rhd spec there. I've ran that, isn't on a factory plate. Quite convinced some cars will be on a factory plate, but it's a pain to sort out and go through - will check the 426s later though...
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    JXC822D - very early V8?

    I have seen it two years ago and it was utterly rotten. Last time I spoke to the owner it was welded, again, and the original EXP engine was going back in. The seats were in a poor state though, which is a shame because they are genuinely the earliest boxpleated seats in a Rover, together with...
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    p6 2000 v8 conversion

    No, Chris - they weren't. You need clearances for the exhaust in the front chassisrail, which weren't incorporated on contemporary base units but they were on the later ones as a measure to streamline production and make the V8/2200 less different / save costs. The front crossmember is...