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    Nice trip in autumn sun before the salters are out.

    Hi Mike, this is in the northwest part of the country, Møre og Romsdal. Between the towns Molde and Kristiansund. I drove to Nordkapp 3 years ago. Fascinating landscape up there.
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    Nice trip in autumn sun before the salters are out.

    No worries since I run Evans fluid in the system. Anyway we have had just one night with frost so far this autumn. But thats a signal for the god damn salttrucks to start pouring out their corrosive stuff!
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    Not cheap at half the price!

    That was a bit more reasonable!
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    My '72 P6 V8 is back in use on UK roads and once again wearing its silver on black 'K' plates!

    Here is a picture of my routing. I have the electric pump underneath the tank and a copper pipe going forward and turn over to a rubber hose and have a filter just beside the LH carb.
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    Lockdown Jobs

    Hi Sdibbers, On Booth my S2 P6’es there are two tubes in the front of the bonnet. That is one 3500 and one 3500s. On my 1965 2000 however, there are nothing at the front. So probably an addition that came with the S2 in 1971. regards, Barten
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    Lockdown Jobs

    Here are photos of the 2 front rubber tubes and the aft rubber
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    Hot starting problems 3500

    Hi Colin, The pump is sitting in front of the engine about where the mech pumps have sat. IT has been there since 2002 and have not given me problems earlier. And when testing it provided a good flow of petrol to the carb inlet.
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    Hot starting problems 3500

    Hi guys, I have an electric fuel pump in it. I also tested the fuel supply to the carbs, and it was a steady stream. So I am thinking it can be vapor lock within the carburetors ? She has got hs6 carbs, are they more prone to vapor lock than the never hif6 carbs? I shall start by checking the...
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    Hot starting problems 3500

    My thrusty Rover 3500 1971 has developed a problem when hot. It can take more than 1/2 hour for her to ignite again after a stop. Very inconvenient at petrolstations and other places I choose to stop. I have checked she has spark and also petrol to the carbs. When she is cold she starts and run...
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    Replacing windscreen.

    I got the foam strip from Wins. He also had all the other rubler Seals needed.
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    I badly need bushes for the front suspension upper links, or a pair of good links with reusable bushes

    Hi mrtask, I have bought new bushes from Wadhams and they seem to be just like the originals. I have the m installed in my 3500s and they do not squeek so far at least. regards, Barten
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    new member

    Welcome onboard gripper! You have a very fine car there I can see. This i a friendly forum and you can get answers to most of your P6 related questions! regards, Barten
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    Front wing repairs

    Wow, very good work done. Your fabricating skill is excellent. I have to XO a similar job om my brown 3500, and your job is very inspirational! Regards, Barten
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    Bit more bumpy than I’d like.

    Maybe your bottom ball joints are shot? Or the top link bushings? You should be able to see if it is ok if you jack it up and use a big prybar. Regards, Barten