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    Mind boggling dual circuit braking system

    I have a similar car, 1972 3500s with lt 77 gearbox and dual circuit brakes. My brakes are connected exactly like your haynes manual drawing with the left most outlet going to the rear brakes. That is also how it is stated in my original workshop manual. But I have seen other drawings from an...
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    Under bonnet colours

    There is a special rubber grommet for the bonnet stay rod. I bought mine from wins.
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    Hello from Glasgow!

    Nice looking car. Do you have rover 75 seats in the front?
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    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Congratulation with your achivement. Very special and a one-off. I like it!
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    V8 exhaust silencer

    I have a big bore exhaust from RPI installed in my 3500s. It is very loud compared to my other V8, a 3500 with standard SS exhaust. Inside the car it is not a problem on short trips, but I think it will be tiring on long journeys. Hopefully I will experience that that soon.
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    Rattle from front somwhere on P6 3500S

    I'm with Harvey on this. I have experienced rattling from the bonnet hinges when at speed. With the bonnet closed, try to lift it and you will feel if the hinges are worn and rattle.
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    Revealing my 27 year project : 72 3500 s

    Today my wife and I had our first proper ride in the Rover after it passed the mot and got a stopping problem. My new mallory 605 optic unit arrived yesterday and I installed it today. This time I made sure to follow the instructions saying to connect the red wire to the coil, and the 12v...
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    Revealing my 27 year project : 72 3500 s

    Graeme, the problem is that the spark suddenly dissapears and then the engine shut down. It is the same way like if I shut it off on the key. Cobraboy; my mallory is the unilite with a number 4764301 on top of the box. It also says on the box that it is for buick v8 215- 350 cu inch. What I need...
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    Revealing my 27 year project : 72 3500 s

    Today is a great day for me. My Rover 3500s from 1972 has been through the MOT and passed after being off the road since 1986! It is not without problem I must admit. It stopped during the final stages of the test, but started again after cooling down. It id definetly ignition related and my...
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    Stiff breaks With running engine ---> Bleed problem rear *Fixed

    It is number 29 on the drawing. I did not have the right name on it. It is the key. I had intalled it incorrectly so the slave cylinder piston was not attached to the servo.
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    20k mile p5

    Fantastic car!
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    Stiff breaks With running engine ---> Bleed problem rear *Fixed

    I had a similar problem with my car that also has a dual brake system. I had taken the brake servo apart and when putting it together I made a mistake when trying to attach the locking tab as described in the manual. The result was locked brakes when the engine ran. I fixed that problem, but...
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    Oil pressure guage on 3500 not working .

    I have just fixed my oil pressure. We traced the fault to be in the printed circuit in the instrument. I had a spare one, so I swapped over all the gauges. I could also have fixed it by putting a wire between the points where the printed circuit have failed.
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    Change from 11ac to 18acr, is it a good idea?

    Hello Harvey. I tried the guard the other way around, but then it interferred with the belt. So I had to turn it. Regards, Barten
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    Change from 11ac to 18acr, is it a good idea?

    Today I finally connected my new 18 acr alternator to my 3500s. I followed the directions from roverp480 and Harvey. It worked perfectly. The output on the battery with the engine on was 14.4 V, and about 14.0 V with the light on and the electric fan. That is ok numbers, is it not? Thanks for...