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    Bit more bumpy than I’d like.

    Maybe your bottom ball joints are shot? Or the top link bushings? You should be able to see if it is ok if you jack it up and use a big prybar. Regards, Barten
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    Bit more bumpy than I’d like.

    Have you checked all the bushings and balljoints ? If all is ok the ride should be smooth is my experience. Regards, Barten
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    Revealing my 27 year project : 72 3500 s

    My monza Rover has had its plates more than a year now. It is good to drive, but I am not happy with the engine. Its got a ticking sound probably coming from the hydraulic lifter or the adjustable rod. I drove 180 km yesterday on the national day, but the ticking is getting very annoying...
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    P6B S Project Car

    Very nice car!
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    P6b project

    Looks like you do a very thorough job. You will have it on the road soon I hope!
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    What’s the biggest engine

    I had a Tesla Model S for 1 1/2 months back in 2013, Very quickly found out it was totally wrong for me. Did not like how it drove, did not like to sit inside a big computer, did not like the lack of V8 growl, sold it with 1300 km on the clock and got more for it than I paid.
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    Power loss when idling.

    Hi Terry, I saw your question about the clock. If you take it out you will find an adjustment screw behind it. You can adjust it and then run it for a day to see how it worked, then adjust again etc. I did that to mine, and now it works quite accurate. regards, Barten
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    Chin spoiler / front valance

    It looks like the Rover is skidding a lot more than its competitors. Stiff rubber?
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    I have had my speedometer overhauled and calibrated for a 5 speed gearbox by Speedy Cables. It now read spot on and is very smooth. So I am happy even though they took their time to do it. About two months if I remember correctly.
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    I am trying to rebuild the master brake cylinder on my 1968 Saab 96 V4. It is more tricky to do than the dual circuit master cylinder on the Rover 3500s.
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    Future of the forum

    I had to try it straight away! Excellent!!!
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    Future of the forum

    Hi Rich, I am sad to hear about your problems. I do not know anything about what it takes of skills to run a forum like this. But I must say that this is by far the best forum I have attended. Much thanks to its members. I can trow out a question and can rely on good answer within reasonable...
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    Ho ho ho ....................

    Merry Christmas (God Jul) to all my fellow Rover enthusiasts!:)
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    Mind boggling dual circuit braking system

    I have a similar car, 1972 3500s with lt 77 gearbox and dual circuit brakes. My brakes are connected exactly like your haynes manual drawing with the left most outlet going to the rear brakes. That is also how it is stated in my original workshop manual. But I have seen other drawings from an...
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    Under bonnet colours

    There is a special rubber grommet for the bonnet stay rod. I bought mine from wins.