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    I should have elaborated. The clock goes but but loses time badly. I have adjusted the setting at the rear of the clock to it's maximum but to no avail
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    Is there a company that can refurbish the P6 clocks?
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    2000 '71 Series 2

    Just replaced the bushes in the linkage from the gear lever and fitted a new selector finger. Now very slick. However I seem to remember that when moving through the gate from 1st and 2nd the gear lever sprung across to 3rd and 4th side. Did I imagine this?
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    Rover 2000 Series 2 '71

    I have a master brake cylinder which is surplice to requirements. Brand new. £40.00 plus postage. I am in Edinburgh.
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    Car Cover

    This might be the wrong place, however, can anybody recommend a protective cover for my car over the winter. The car will be outside. Are the ones that circulate air the best?
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    Rover P6 2000 SC 1971

    Been working on the Rover for years without any special problems, but stuck trying to remove dashboard Warning Lamps. They look like bayonet connections although the lamps I purchased recently are push fit. Perhaps they are wrong. Any help would be appreciated.