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    The Rover P6 Club Wins for Third Successive Year at NEC

    The Rover P6 Club Wins yet again .... For the third year in a row! The Classic & Sportscar Club Awards Best Website and use of Social Media. The Classic & Sportscar Club Awards are hotly contested every year by over 250 classic car clubs and awarded each year at the Classic Motor Show at the...
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    The Rover P6 Club National Rally - 30 August 2015

    The Rover P6 Club National Rally - Buckinghamshire Railway Centre 30 August 2015 at 10am This year, we have teamed up with our friends in the Joint Rover Clubs - the Rover P4 Guild, who host the second longest running Rover show ever in the UK at The Buckinghamshire Railway Centre, Quainton...
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    Hydraulic wheel jack

    Hi Jens, That's my Vanessa there on those hydraulic ramps :D :D They're these ones here: I absolutely love them, 16 inches to the bottom of the wheel (405mm) Cheers, Brian.
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    The Rover P6 Club northern national 16th and 17th May BOWES

    Entries are still being taken for the Rover P6 Club Northern National Rally at the Bowes Museum County Durham. Details and entry form can be found on the club website at We're just four weeks away, the weather's looking...
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    Re: FITTING OF SPARE TYRE ON BOOT? Hi Justinus, As others have said, it really is quite straight forward to fit. We ran an article on it in a previous issue of our Club Magazine (Driving Force) and we've also put it up on our website for anyone to access. It describes all the parts required...
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    Practical Classics to 'relaunch' the P6 at NEC

    This weekend at the NEC Classic Motor Show the Club will be relaunching the Rover P6 to the press and public as the defining sports saloons of the 60s and 70s. We are championing the P6 as one of the most attainable and advanced performance classics you can buy today - in fact, the most...
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    The Rover P6 Club Ireland excursion July 2015

    The Rover P6 Club are in the process of putting together a long weekend trip to Dublin. The highlight of the trip will be the largest classic car show in Ireland, held at Terenure College. We are waiting for the actual date to be confirmed, but is expected to be early July 2015. We will also be...
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    Free eNewsletter with the Rover P6 Club

    The Rover P6 Club is going through some radical new changes in our communication to both members and non-members. We've totally re-designed and built from scratch our new website which is now completely responsive to the device you're using. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile friendly - it self...
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    RP6C Southern National, Blenheim Palace, 10th August

    Dave Griffin the organiser of the Rover P6 Club National Rally has issued the following event instructions. You can pay on the day too - so come along, any car, member or not! Rover P6 Club Southern National Rally Blenheim Palace is eight miles north-west of Oxford, on the A44 Evesham...
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    RP6C Southern National, Blenheim Palace, 10th August

    I'm booked in too, looking to be a great event :D I'll have all my stuff with me - so I'll be accepting membership renewals ..... and new members! See you all there. Bri.
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    Happy Birthday Pilkie

    Many happy returns matey. I'll give you a ring soon. Keep breathing in and out ;-) Cheers, Bri.
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    Logon for the website

    Hi Glen, Are you member 2551? I'm sorry I'm behind on giving logons, work, home, club magazine etc etc all getting in the way - I'll make a point of doing it this weekend. Cheers, Brian.
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    Fitting a 3rd brake light!

    Can you push it a bit further under the boot mount Pilkie? :D :D :D
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    windows xp

    Hi Stina, Unless you want to upgrade your lappy, I'd ignore it. Your Windows XP should continue to work just as it does now. It's just that Microsoft will no longer support it from April and will not give you any more updates - those automatic updates that get performed from time to time when...
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    what clubs are you a member

    Welcome to the Rover P6 Club Pete :) I'll send your magazine, card, constitution etc out this weekend. Bri.