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    Dutch will have 2 speed limits, daytime 100kmh night time 130kmh

    Hi, Not dis-similar to some of ours where two vehicles the same size have different limits depending whether they are van derived car or car derived van. o_O Colin
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    what are your thoughts on Remembrance Day?

    This photo from a couple of years ago, I always find poignant . Colin
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    Bell crank bushes and front damper works

    Hi, There's a thread somewhere (I can't remember if it's on here or elsewhere and I've had a scout round) when they replaced the front spring with a coilover and they cut the 'ball' mount for the spring off and fabricated and welded a new mount onto the top link. Along with a new mount that, I...
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    speedo, brake lights, engine leak, shock bushes, power steering fluid

    Hi, It's the Dexron that shouldn't be used in the gearbox unless it has got compatible linings. Colin
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    twitter slideshow

    Hi, Complete with a demonstration pic of how to refuel a P6. Colin
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    Scrapyard alert down South

    Hi, From a comment on the youtube video they are on ebay. 2 rover p6 projects | eBay Seems he might sell to anyone!! Colin
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    New member seeks model clarification

    Hi, In essence the hardback is a first addition and the softback is a second addition, so has revisions. From the Amazon page the author says - "In the 18 years since this book was first published, it's very satisfying to record that more information has come to light. So, in preparing this...
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    1903 Knox Runabout Old Porcupine in serious collision

    Hi, It's a bit of a dodgy junction. The M23 sweeps round to the left and the A23 goes round to the right. If, as he was , in a slow moving vehicle and was keeping to the left out of the way he would end up going round onto the M23. To go forward on the A23 he would need to be in the right hand...
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    Flicking ammeter

    Hi, there's a bad connection somewhere that will pass a low current but will collapse when there's a high one. So it's a case of going round and checking and cleaning them all from the battery all the way round and back to the battery again, which means earths as well. Colin
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    Gaz shocks fitting problem.

    Hi, I think that's part of the problem with them being difficult / expensive to get hold of. There are no close equivalent in terms of valving fitted to other vehicles. They are in effect one-off's and manufacturers are reluctant to provide them for a comparatively limited market. Colin
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    door check straps

    Hi, That nylon collar is for the pin on the bodyshell. There's no nylon the slider end where it runs in the track. Colin
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    Hi, In that case it could be a U/J partially seizing, so drop one end of each of the three shafts and move the joint around and feel for any stiffness. Do the propshaft first because the units each end don't move around much relative to each other and the joints can freeze. Colin
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    Brakes Servo Vacuum

    Hi, Air valve top or bottom? If you read round the internet there's divided opinion about that. One thing I did discover, and this is from memory now, is that on one of the Lotus forums they were having the same problem, they have it on the bottom, and the manufacturer was saying to take one...
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    Front seat belts and MoT

    Using technology to make things better/safer strikes again. When will they learn that tech and sensors are not always the answer, sometimes they cause more problems than they solve.
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    “worst car in Britain”

    Hi, They can't be all that bad, they have provided engine improvements and five speed 'boxes for decades.;) Colin