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    Series 1 V8 Temp gauge questions.....

    Hi, Strictly speaking the gauge should see a steady 10v and the sender provides a varying resistance earth connection. Both the voltage stabiliser and the gauge utilise a bi-metal strip which gives a slight variation of voltage and slow gauge response, it's just the nature of the beast. They...
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    Used mill for sale

    I'm out. There's mention of a head swivelling 360 degrees. o_O
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    P5 Lyback Seats

    Multi directional seat sliders.;)
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    P5 Lyback Seats

    Hi, Still no for me. Colin
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    P5 Lyback Seats

    Hi, I can't see the pics, apparently I don't have permission. anyone else? Colin
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    Hi, When replacing fuel hose make sure it's SAE J30 R9 or R10 spec, Preferably Gates or Cohline. Don't get it off ebay, get it from a reputable dealer. There's a lot of counterfeit hose about, if they can fake the hose they can fake the printing on it. Colin
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    Washer motor

    Hi, BIB, Ahh, there's the rub.:) Colin
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    Heather motor upgrade.

    Don't get too excited about her, she blows hot and cold.:confused:
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    Heather motor upgrade.

    ...and I'm not sure about you!
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    Ron Arad chair.

    Hi, We've probably all seen these in the past, but I didn't realise they were fetching £6,000.o_O Vintage Rover Chair by Ron Arad for OneOff Ltd. Colin
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    Temp Sender Hex?

    Hi, In common with a lot of other makes, I think it's to stop over use or abuse. They have only got one job to do and are made to cater for that. I think the term is 'waiting to work' a bit like a ring pull on a beer can. Colin
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    Temperature gauge tube.

    Hi, Apologies, I forgot you were down there.;) Colin
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    Temperature gauge tube.

    Hi, Yes, yes and yes. Speedy Cables | Automotive Instrument Repair - Mechanical Cables Colin
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    Looking for parts for my 1967 2000

    Hi, Try some of the Land Rover suppliers for the clutch master, like Paddocks or John Craddocks, they are used on series Land Rovers and Defenders. Colin
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    Only 1500 revs

    Hi, What carbs has it got? If they're Strombergs check the diaphragms aren't split. Colin