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    Series 2 ignition key

    2 approaches come to mind first .... get a new lock, I looked on WINS Electrical and saw some interesting items, might be the solution second ..... over the last 40 years of owning cars I have unwittingly come across ignition keys for previous cars that I owned stashed in places I had...
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    I have just been into Halfords and seen their 3 choices of anti freeze, OAT or Silicate or Xstream according to Halfords, (above) cars made before 1998 should have the Silicate one if you were IN Halfords and had just those 3 choices, which would you choose for a 1970s P6 Rover?
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    Driver's door adjustment

    I think a lot of us come across the situation "now I have to slam the door hard to close it. Is there a way to adjust the door?" can you sort it yourself? this is what happened to me a few days ago and I wasnt fitting a new door seal , it just happened here is my solution and a lot of this you...
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    penguins p6 3500

    AlpinAir is still going strong, last year my P6 was in there 3 weeks of the summer having the latest air Con enstalled, see the pictures of my P6 interior which do not look like Penguin's, mine has a Radio sandwiched in between the Air con grills and the Air Con controls I know auto P6s before...
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    box sets

    have you got any Box Sets? I have had this Sharpe box set for a while but a few days ago started watching it again beginning with the first one, Sharpe's Rifles (1809) the stories and filming are so blimmen TOP!! what's your best BOX SET?
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    TOP 10 of cars about to go extinct

    Commodore 64 all the way for us back in 1985, love that, it had a snazzy tape drive the lot and later... we got the 1510 floppy drive for it too but what about this Rover 800? only 500 left in the UK!! who had one? :cool: it must count as a classic Rover
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    take your Rover to work week

    wow I love the seats on that, they look brand new, actually similar to the seats on mine, c'mon still got space for more piccies of your Rover at work! get the camera out at work! and I cannot resist a lingering glance looking back as you said Mr Task, mind you I reserve the revving of the V8...
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    TOP 10 of cars about to go extinct

    1. Lada Riva - 49 left 2. Alfa Romeo 146 - 89 left 3. Fiat Uno - 218 left 4. Renault 21 - 221 left 5. Vauxhall Carlton - 270 left 6. Citroen BX - 286 left 7. Nissan Bluebird - 324 left 8. Volvo 440 - 407 left 9. Peugeot 309 - 409 left 10. Rover 800 - 468 left read the full lo-down but...
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    A few Rovers at this huge auction

    Rover P6 2L car. 4dr, keys, no docs .... but at least its a sunny day!! :p
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    take your Rover to work week

    I love the look of the petrol pump Cobra, it looks positively 1950s, does it pump petrol? :D
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    take your Rover to work week

    did you ever take your Rover to work? Post your piccies of your Rover to work then :cool: here's me arriving at work this morning!
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    looking to buy a p6 3500

    I just had a thought about the AA "vehicle exam" but its £190 ! o_O Vehicle inspection - check a used car | AA
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    Sunday June 28 classic cars 2020 , Warwickshire

    plenty of classic cars last year but not a P6 in sight more info
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    Orange P6 2200

    I think my Dad had a Tiger 90 and fancy the bloke making the effort to travel back and show you the bike, you must have been chuffed but here is a shot of my younger brother on his AJS and next a shot of my 2 brothers together in our driveway haha I was once a member of the Molesey FB group and...
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    your Top 5 classic Rover piccies

    post your own Top 5 classic Rover piccies, here's mine : no 1 red V8 nonchalant jaunt through town, so slick no 2 brown V8 winter mission, hold on just stopped for a quick cuppa!! brave journey!! no 3 white 2000, "what d'ya mean the vapour lock has never been this bad?" she did make it to...