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    Temp Sender Hex?

    Which is the same as 3/8" Whit, and that's definitely not 18mm...... (Back in the day it wouldn't have had anything of that size series fitted from what I remember).
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    1971 TC 2000-No 2nd gear

    If the rear flange retaining nut is loose you can find it crunches into second gear, as though the synchro is faulty, but this normally happens on the 3-2 downshift beacuse you are moving from one selector rod to another, and the mainshaft moves forward, defeating the synchro. The back of the...
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    1971 TC 2000-No 2nd gear

    Is it not going into second when changing 1-2 AND 3-2, or just 3-2? Either way you need to sort all the linkage problems before diving in too deep.
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    Goodwood speed week

    It's just been on ITV4 showing highlights for 2 hours, and the same again tomorrow.
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    Not cheap at half the price!

    I recently fitted a pair, but they are as yet untested. Biggest pain is removing/refitting the toplink, closely followed by forcing ther bush over the ball on the end of the swivel pillar pushrod because that was done without any slidy stuff to avoid the possibility of the cap sliding off the...
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    Not cheap at half the price!

    By the time you add my exorbitant labour costs of about half a million to the price of the bushes that's going to come out as a pricy job. It may even write a few cars off......
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    Reserve tap

    It's stocked by the normal suppliers in the correct material.
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    Reserve tap

    Leave the pipes connected, leave the inner cable connected to the lever, loosen the outer cable clamp to remove the cable from that, remove the screw and pull the barrel out of the tap with the inner cable still connected to the lever. replace the seal and RITRORP
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    4hp22/24 parts

    Have a word with Andy eightofthem on here, I'm sure he'll be happy to advise, and can build you a bespoke box if you want one. It is doable.
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    Reserve tap

    ^^^ That's about the strength of it. Just don't drop the screw.....
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    Reserve tap

    You can replace the O-ring without removing the tap from its mounting on the car.
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    Auto box removal

    ^^^ That's good gear and well priced.
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    Cylinder head removal

    I have never retorqued 4 cylinder heads.
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    My '72 P6 V8 is back in use on UK roads and once again wearing its silver on black 'K' plates!

    ^^^ A lot of that set up is exactly the same as used on the SD1 V8.