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    Car suddenly unreliable starts bad and suddenly dies

    The Aus cars with that setup were 8.13 to 1 so low compression. They went into TR8s and SD1s in NADA territories and Australia/NZ my understanding is they all shared the same CR. there are two different places for the engine number, the second one is on the top of the ear at the rear of the...
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    Car suddenly unreliable starts bad and suddenly dies

    one other electrical possibility is the pigtail wire in the distributor. It connects the sliding plate to the fixed plate and over time they break strand by strand giving erratic running. New braid for it can be bought from the local slot car (Toy) shop. to test loop a screwdriver under it and...
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    Car suddenly unreliable starts bad and suddenly dies

    Might be worth checking the coil input voltage (to ground). P6b's didn't run 12 v coils from the factory, they were all ballasted but the later ones had the ballast as a part of the harness so you can't see it. Ballasted systems have two wires on the coil input - one is twelve volt stater line...
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    Car suddenly unreliable starts bad and suddenly dies

    If it starts and runs I'd be thinking your issue is probably fuel rather than spark. If your car is using the early Injection system (flat topped manifold with eight bolts) rather than the later type (six bolts and taller sloping manifold) i'd be looking at changing the fuel filter and checking...
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    Series 1 or 2 seat runners

    I have a series one seat. I think the runners are still on it. I'll be near it next weekend (its about 200 miles from me now...). the seat itself is only borderline usable, leather has gone, I don't have a car for it either, only kept it because it was the rare early type with cable operated...
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    Front swing arm bushes – what is the best practice and state of the art?

    Or you could go for the later landrover box that went into the MG RV8 LT230 I think. Lower link bushes need to be soft material as the two elements fight one another when going up or down. Thats why you leave the bolts loose till the suspension is settled down then tighten them up; so you don't...
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    Twintune wanted

    I have the Gunson one but the twintune gauge actually shows the difference in pressure between the carbs, no swapping over and back...
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    Twintune wanted

    does anyone have a Gray Horwood Twintune carbeuretter balancer theya re prepared to part with? M
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    Wanted boot mounted spare wheel cover for 3500 and boot support stay rod and bracket.

    Wins have them, i bought white one off them. 25 pounds they are hiding under 'chromework and specials' near the bottom
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    Rover Gas turbine and Froude Brake for sale

    HEENAN FROUDE HYDRAULIC DYNAMOMETER | eBay Per the title i found this looking for an engine dyno. looks like the units rover built for university teaching. in pretty good order by the pictures...
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    Anybody got a pair of good Winguard mirror stalks going spare?

    I think Holden's sell all the bits for those mirrors. Of course it will be 21st century crappy chrome. probably a good idea to wax polish them regularly... If you go the restore route look up Triple Chrome plating.
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    Rover P6B Dealership manual ( that quotes workshop times for maintenance )

    I've just bought back and gone through ten boxes of books and it's in there! unfortunately the other book i was actually after wasn't....I'll scan it in the next couple of days and post it on here. its the '72 edition so there might be some slight differences if working on later models (eg. carb...
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    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Try these guys - Classic Repro - Rover
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    Alignment specs

    I've often wondered if anyone actually bought those jigs, it would be quite an investment to collect the lot. Pity to see them scrapped...Hopefully they are in his shed at home! Oddly Dr Flynn didn't seem to have any; which surprised me as he had three hoists and copious quantities of everything...