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    D Post stiffner panels

    See how you go, I have a wreck that might be suitable but itll be quite awhile before I can get too it. Michael
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    Two books you might want to get hold of 1/ Forced Induction performance tuning by A. Graham bell and 2/ Superhcharging by Corky Bell
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    Rob's long term Supercharging project

    i'm abit late with this but the 3500 parts cattledog (1974) has a label for the Dunlop Denovo runflat tyres. On it it states the tyre size as 205/65 HR 375. I presume the 375 means it is on a 15" rim of unstated width. 1970 Holdens, fords and Chryslers came out with 185/78 HR 14 it was a very...
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    Mind boggling dual circuit braking system

    I have to agree with Vern. I'd expect if one of the seals in the brake warning switch were not working the other one would halt the flow so i'd be redoing that booster/slave cylinder with particular attention to the free piston seals and the trap valve in the end outlet (probably good to check...
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    suddenly a rough running engine

    Hi peter, not sure where you are up to with the car but I was up at my place at bulahdelah today and I've put what I think is a working late model distributor in my meter box I'f you can get down there to pick it up? let me know and I'll PM you the address Michael
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    Boot prop rod or measurements needed

    have you lost the rod or is that how far you are up to installing the boot kit? the rod itself is simple but there is a plastic wheel at one end that runs in the slot in the inner guard and there is a plastic clip at the other which clips the rod onto the boot lid or the boot inside depending...
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    Any Aussies have this bracket for sale...?

    II'm pretty sure I have one. Have a look here. Linkage Parts - SU Carburetters for making up the linkages. note the uni joint in the standard system and the rubber that the rod rotates in. They are both important to allow for engine movement without throttle movement.
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    Any Aussies have this bracket for sale...?

    yes...where are you located? Rare part to need. Is it auto or Manual car?
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    suddenly a rough running engine

    Have a look along the loom. There is usually at least one extra wire and terminal which is 12v and switched through the ignition. Its for accessories. Yes the two wires that join together are the 12v starter wire and the 7/9 volt wire. The 12v wire only comes in when cranking so you can't use...
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    Find your P6's base unit number:

    There is another number stamped in the same place but toward the centre buried under the paint. From memory they don't match.
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    Power Steering

    Check the bolts that hold the idler damper on as well. they can work loose over time.
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    Engine parts

    the Landy sixes were sold into the early eighties. The late seventies ones had some modern features added like electronic distributor and thermatic fans. er generally bottom end bearings are replaced with undersize ones, as the pins get smaller when they are reground...I have quite few parts for...
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    Suspension Failure

    One more point... There aren't any nuts because there isn't any room to put them on. The holes are too close to the tube. Personally I'd shorten the screws so they end at the hole edge or slightly inside as crud on the thread will cause them to seize on removal and being small they may snap.
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    Suspension Failure

    There should be Two studs, however quite often the stud and nut come out together as if they are a set screw. Hence when you bought the elbow it was missing one. Standard bolt are Grade five high tensile. If you look at the top of the head they should have three raised lines pointing in a star...
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    V8 Fuel starvation

    The main fuel pipe in the tank is an open ended tube about three inches above the bottom. The Reserve feeds from the bottom but has fine screen on it to keep the crap out. So even if you have crud coming back through the return it is unlikely that it'll do more thean swish around the bottom of...