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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    I do tend to boot it to activate the kick down. Maybe I need to be a bit more gentle...
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    I didn't install it. So basically, it is too slack? Could the crimp move or the cable stretch perhaps?
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    Trying to reach Andy Morgan (eightofthem)

    Anyone seen/heard from him lately? I emailed him some weeks ago and messaged him. No reply so far. Thanks, Peter.
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    One the plus side I can vouch for Andy's skills. 12000mile and 6-7 years in the fluid is as as new, no smells, no particles, no leaks.
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    Hi all, anyone spoken to Andy (@eightofthem) lately. I tried emailing a few weeks ago and I PM'd him here over the weekend? Desperately need a need control cable or a suggestion for keeping the ferule on the end in the mechanism. The one I have the pin moves sideways and comes out and I...
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    Fuel Injected fun...

    The 14CUX ain't exactly big. I'm not sure what the problem is. If it didn't fit on the A-pillar then it could certainly fit in the drivers glovebox or possibly under the seat. Or under a metal cover in the passenger footwell. Most likely up underneath the dashboard under the glovebox where...
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    Steering box adjustment and lubrication

    If you over tighten them it will damage the box quite quickly. You'll notice the steering wont self-centre. EP90 will nicely remove underseal when it leaks - ask me how I know...
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    1971 P6 2000 Series 2

    Has the mechanism failed or does it simply need tightening i.e more twist in the torsion bar? And the mechanism and basic frames are all the same so you could rebuild the seat with what you have.
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    Has anyone used MEV Spares in Marsden, Kent who are also on eBay as jumble master for new front Brake imperial calipers?

    Reconditioned original calipers are far better than new as they are stainless lined. In principle in practical terms they'll last forever with only new seals required. I would not buy new parts made to an uncertain specification and quality.
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    Electronic ignition module in my P6

    The main challenge for ignition is actually at the higher end of the rev range. Mechanical points can bounce and the charge time for the coil is much smaller, especially in engine with high cylinder counts. At idle with points that would indicate some issue. One of the best things you can do...
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    Electronic ignition module in my P6

    If the points ignition is in optimum condition it'll make no difference at all. The point being points ignition doesn't STAY in optimal condition whereas electronics should.
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    How much leather is needed to re-trim a pair of flat pleat front seats?

    Are you doing it as original with only leather facings or the whole seat?
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    still chasing intermittent misfire - ballast wire question

    If the coil is correct then it can only be the ballast. Most likely cause is high resistance joint in the circuit. There is no ballast resistor, it's a length of resistance wire it can't really "burn out as such very easily. 5.5V from the coil to ground is as you say too low.
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    still chasing intermittent misfire - ballast wire question

    Another thing is your tacho RVI or RVC? It'll say on the face. RVI means the ignition is wired through the tacho and can cause issues. TVC is in parallel.