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    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    Turned up in the Mail (from Victoria) today. Will measure it up before I install it.
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    Change of Tyre size ?

    I've just found a set of original TC wire wheels that I am going to use on my 68 SC. I'm currently running a set of 185s on my steel rims but saw a 1960s Peugoet (is that how its spelt?) with 165 Michellins and it looked really good. Where 165's fitted to both steel and wire wheels on the 2000?
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    Possible head off

    Found we went to tight on two valves when we rebuilt my engine a few years ago. Made up these spacers specifically for the job but I assume nuts would also work. The engine now runs with a little bit of tappet noise but thats better than the alternative.
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    Possible head off

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    Possible head off

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    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    Thanks for following up. The online forum here in Oz came through, one of the guys found one in a seized engine he had in the shed and is sending to me via the mail. I'll still measure it up once it gets here. Would be good to find an alternate for future reference. I'm still planning drive...
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    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    The Brake Servo is a 'PBR' brand unit . Was a very common non OEM/aftermarket brake parts manufacturer/supplier here in Aust up until the 80s/90s. PBR Brakes.
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    Looking for one of these (gause oil filter) to finish my engine project.

    Looking for one of these screen filters that go under the banjo bolt in the chain tensioner oil circuit. I would really appriciate if someone has a spare but if not, if I could get the dimensions I'll start looking for a deisel fuel filter that might be able to be modified to be used. Ive also...
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    Gause Oil Filter in the chain tensioner circuit

    Trying to locate a plastic gause filter that goes under the banjo bolt in the timing chain tensioner oil circuit. I have rebuilt my engine a while ago and have started using the car a lot more. Would be very appreicative if someone has an old one that could send down under or if I could get...
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    4cyl engine colour

    I gave up trying to get the original colour (in Aust) a few years ago and went for Detroit Alpine Green. I think it's period enough to get away with
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    Diff Oil Specificiation

    That does make some sense. From what I have read one of the primary differences is that GL4 has lead as an additive and GL5 has phosphorous/bronze.
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    Diff Oil Specificiation

    Just wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to the difference between GL4 and GL5 specification gear oil and is the later (80w/90 GL5) suitable Diff Oil for a P6. Looking at changing out in my 68 SC Auto given I have no idea when itwas last done. Also is that's typically used in the stearing...
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    Strip Speedo failure, where to start?

    All sorted, the right angle drive on the gearbox (Auto) was the culprit. I was able to get the 51 year old grommet in thr transmission tunnel out and back in without damaging it. Back on the road.
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    series 1 front bagde mounting

    Makes sense that the tabs are on the outside and are used to align the two halves of the grill. I'll try again