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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Right, so at this stage I had the car with its back end up on ramps, the engine sat back in the bay and the old gearbox shoved under the car out of the weather. I also had the ropey sounding LT77 to deal with. The next logical step would have been to get the LT77 on the bench and strip it to see...
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Hi will, yes I still work in Kingston, or was- am working from home at the moment, which is saving me a fortune in petrol! Mrtask- correct, that is the throttle cable, connected to the see saw. I decided to do it that way as I like to keep changes as reversible as possible (god knows why) and...
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Right, so what have i been up to? Not much really! Last summer I spent some time getting ready for the gearbox swap, ordering parts: and reading up again and what to do. I had a new clutch kit, slave cylinder, automatic prop, gearbox bits and bobs and I thought I was ready so I booked a day...
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Hi JP! Thanks for the kind words, yes it's been a bit of journey with the car, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! Rv8 water pumps are known to be a bit of a pain as the bolts are quite long, pretty small diameter and one (or two, I can't quite remember) go into the water jacket. Steel...
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Wow! Just dropped in to catch-up on the forum, and found my thread at the top! Status with the car currently is that I pulled the engine and gearbox out in August in order to fit the lt77. I got the lt77 ready to bolt up when I realised it was making a horrible noise when turning the box by...
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    I am still rebuilding the lt77 I have to go in mine, whilst the poor thing sits outside under cover with no box fitted. Trouble is other stuff keeps getting in the way and I am probably averaging 1/2- 1 hour a week at the mo, not a good way to make speedy progress! :confused:
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    Future of the forum

    Without this forum my 3500s wouldn't be on the road! (let's ignore the fact that it currently has no gearbox in it and the guts of the "known good" lt77 i bought a few years ago are scattered across my workbench whilst i replace the disintegrated reverse idler and a few other bits before i fit...
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    V8 rebuild costs

    I'd check the breathers etc and maybe do a compression test to see if that points you at anything? If you do go for an engine refresh I'd agree that you should definitely fit a set of the later 10 bolt heads, they are much better! Check out my thread on page six to see when I did the swap...
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    "Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

    Argh, that's bad luck with the meter and the fan. I have had a couple of near misses over the years in a similar way- it's easy to do!
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    My mean green hornet

    This is epic! Keep up the good work!
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    Was Grace Kelly's Rover P6 Really Sabotaged?

    I've taken my 3500s round Silverstone on a pistonheads track day, all I ever experienced was fade when the brakes were hot, which is to be expected of any car in standard road going form really.
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    LT77 - Clutch release bearing carrier

    Ok so v8tuner came back, and as suspected I will need to use the more normal looking carrier Thanks everyone
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    LT77 - Clutch release bearing carrier

    Thanks Harvey- so either way I need a pressure plate. That's what I was thinking, the original one had small protrusions on it, which this one doesn't seem to have. V8 Tuner do one that looks more like the standard one: Normal looking bearing carrier They also have one listed for TVR RV8...
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    LT77 - Clutch release bearing carrier

    Guys, Looking to finally (Changing the chassis of my Land-rover has delayed me a bit) get the LT77 that i have had sitting around into my 3500s, as the 4-speed has had it. Googling around for the bits I need - I was going to go down the non-self centering clutch route as this means I can use...
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    scarab blue? 3500

    Spotted a scarab blue 3500 in one of the "refuge" areas on the m3 northbound somewhere around lightwater at aporox. 16:00 today. If it was someone on here I hope you got going again without too much trouble. Saying that, even they aren't on here I still hope the same!