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    P6B S Project Car

    I usually put a light smear of vaseline on each end of the injectors then they should push home ok. Don't get me wrong, they still need a fair amount of effort. I fit the injectors to the rail, fit the retaining clips and then fit the whole lot to the manifold one side at a time. New o-rings...
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    I had to fit a new oil pressure sender, and it worked for one whole day! Groan.

    It's not just britpart, I had a bearmach pressure switch (not sender) go the same way on my Defender, leaking out where the terminal exited the body- it made quite an oily mess!
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    Next question - distributors

    The body of the dizzy will have a number stanped on the side, the workshop manual lists the different specs for each one and which engines they were for. I think I may have posted then previously, will see if I can find it for you...
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    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    Very interesting to see the door repairs, I need to do the same on mine :hmm: Paint looks great to me!
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Fantastic results!
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    Re-con V8, Edelbrock carb and manifold, LT77 Gearbox FOR SALE

    Sorry to hear about the fire, must be heart breaking!
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    My 3500s project - future daily drive

    Ah yes, I really do need to update this with what happened next! The gauge temp sender I used is Landrover part AMR 1425, which is for V8 and 300tdi. There is another which is AMR3321, not sure what the difference is- but presumably they work with different gauges. With the AMR1425 the gauge...
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    New Project begins, 1974 P6 3500 V8

    Very nice!
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    Capel Manor Classic and Vintage Car show – Sunday Sept 5th

    My parents are at Capel today in one of Dad's 101 forward controls:
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    Low Brake Fluid level switch.

    I did this a few years ago but now my replacment cork has too lost its buoyancy as I get a flicker from the brake warning light now and then. Looks like I will have to do it again, perhaps with the cork from a more expensive bottle of wine!
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    Isolated !

    I would have a look on here: Retro rides - "Garage life" board There are various groups of people around the country sharing garage space and equipment - there may be a group near you?
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    The Elegant Thirsty Dinosaur

    My front winders were "crunchy" too after the car was laid up during an extended gearbox replacement (almost two years!) The cause seemed to be corrosion on the spring in the mechanism- as the spring coils wind up, they tighten and close together- any rust in there gets ground between the faces...
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    spark plugs

    Interesting website, thanks Cobraboy!
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    spark plugs

    EDIS definitely kicks out a lot more power than a regular single coil + distributor setup -its more like a lightning bolt!
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    37 years in a Barn

    Very much liking the tent you have setup to work under, I could do with one of those! I fitted Goodridge aluminium fuel lines on mine with the appropriate AN fittings and short rubber jump hoses at each end. It was a bit of a bugger to form around the various bends though...