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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    No, they're both the same size, but one of them is further away :)
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Oh yes they do :p If I bolt one of those clamp on crank thingies to both shafts, I can fit a short bar with a ball joint on each end to join them up. The picture is actually taken from a bad angle, but they will join up nicely. I hope ;)
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Will do This bit was a bit easier. I just unbolted this assembly from the SD1 plenum and bolted it onto the plenum on the car. Now, the bar which is turned by the throttle has a ball on the end, which fits into the hex bit on the throttle lever still on the plenum. The little dogleg bit on the...
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    restoring a 1967 series 1 2000

    Have you managed to get new elbows and trailing arms? They do look like new ones :hmm:
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    I removed the cable, ‘home made’ linkage on the inlet manifold, and the gubbins on the side of the plenum, then found a couple of suitable bolts and fitted them into the now missing bolts on the manifold. When I rebuilt Sparky, I had the engine out for a while. This is a pic from back then...
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    Not cheap at half the price!

    They do that to stop you buying them, as they have run out. It saves deleting the product and then having to re post it when they are available again.
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    My 2000TC 'Minstrel' needs a lot of TLC..

    We like pictures, and welcome back btw :)
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    What is the name for the little C-shaped clips with tiny triangular 'ears' on the throttle linkage to the carbs?

    Oerr, bit 'spensive Ball Joint Assembley for Throttle Linkage You'ld think they would supply the Nigels separately, would'nt you?
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    It was my birthday. Post pictures of your shiny happy Rover P6s!!!

    Wasn't that a Scottish battle? Nice car btw JP, very nice indeed. Richard
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Bit scary? :cool: Sparky is pretty quick, but has a certain something missing, perhaps just a bit of fine tuning required, but he does seem to pull back just a little. The RP4 camshaft is designed for a heavy 4x4 auto, and has a power band of 1000-4800. I do think that replacing it with a fast...
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Yep, just need to work out how to close the bonnet :p
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    When I first bought Sparky, the throttle linkage was rather convoluted. The original crank bar had been turned around, then a clamp had been tack welded to the engine end of it, which pulled a cable which looped down around the top of the bellhousing, then back up, cable tied to the power...