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    Breaking p6 3500s

    Have got a webasto roof you want to trade I have an near perfect one on car at moment
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    fuel pipe waned 3500s

    Hi all I was wondering has anyone got fuel pipe which goes from fuel filter to carburettor the car is a M reg 3500s many thanks
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    looking to buy a p6 3500

    Hi mate say to you when you viewed my car that it was damp due to car been outside and not been driven for a few months the carpets are dry now car is now being used daily !
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    looking to buy a p6 3500

    I can I’m in Beckenham and I got a white one with brown roof it’s not my car you where thinking of buying ?
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    I know I have advertised 3500s breaking

    Hi all I have had a changed of heart in deciding not to break car but to sell whole for £2000 been advised by several people not to break to good of car . It now starts first time on key engine sounds great it has black box pleat leather seats and it also has power steering
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    Hi can anyone point me in the right direction where to purchase original inner and outer door sills

    Hi can anyone point me in the right direction where I can purchased inner and outer sills original if possible or good quality and good fit ones please !
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    I got one I am breaking 3500s
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    D Post stiffner panels

    I’m breaking 3500s at the moment
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    Passenger door mirror wanted (LHD-car)

    Hi have pair
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    Breaking p6 3500s

    Hi I’m breaking my rover 3500s all parts available black leather interior Rostyle wheels good vinyl roof call me on 07534783116
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    Sadly selling my p6 v8 auto

    Hi all due to great regret I am having to sell my rover huntsman v8 autoshe is a solid car few minor cosmetic issues no rust or welding needed lots of history needs to be gone this week ! £5000 or near offer gear box was reconditioned engine runs fine no over heating great car first to see will...
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    Hi I’m looking for p6 3500s exhaust stainless steel middle section if anyone has one for sale please ?
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    Thinking of selling juicy

    Thinking of parting company with my p6 what would you pay for her?
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    Jucilei has new roof
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    P reg auto