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    Any information please

    She was on ebay in 2012 (see pictures, sold £1995) and on YouTube -- I don´t have any info about her history etc., sorry
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    Hello from the Pacific Northwest!

    Thosmosis, you´re selling the P6?
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    P6 Estate + Federal 3500 S in Tucson (USA)

    This is the property of former ROVERS WEST of Patrick Teske in Tucson / Arizona. Years ago I saw the cars on Google Maps (see picture above) and wonder if there is a chance for rescuing the cars. Coincidentally some weeks ago I got in contact with a guy on Facebook who is living in Tucson. I...
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    Bulletproof Rover P6

    thanks :)
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    1:18 & 1:24 P6 models

    very good job !
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    Bulletproof Rover P6

    okay - not an active member in writing / but in quietly READING :)
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    brown 3500S Richmond

    German report featuring this 3500S before she went to UK
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    brown 3500S Richmond

    I agree
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    brown 3500S Richmond

    The car has been restored to the very personal taste of the German guy I´ve mentioned (and I know him since many many years). Of course she´s not original from top to bottom now but - sorry - I don´t agree if someone says "not worth that amount of money". Keep in mind that P6 prices are rising .....
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    Was Grace Kelly's Rover P6 Really Sabotaged?

    seen this YouTube video of 2015 ?
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    New member seeks model clarification

    correct number: 44600001 :-)
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    brown 3500S Richmond

    matter of taste
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    1966? I dont think so!!

    Tucson/Arizona: This Google Earth Street View of 2019 show two P6s.
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    brown 3500S Richmond

    I know this 3500 S. The car has been restored over here in Germany by a (in the German P6 scene well known) enthusiast. This car wasn´t the first P6 he worked on. He sold the car to UK and is currently working on another (non-P6) project as far as I know. - Some pictures of 2014 before restoration
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    Rover P6B history trace??

    In some cases I can tell something about a car´s history - and it also has happened that I´ve forward some "individual details" with the explicit permission of a pre-owner !