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    Welcome to the forum Paul. Good luck with finding your ideal car.
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    Bw35 front torq converter seal replacement

    Hi Harvey, The cover plate that I am talking about is the one at the front of the gearbox that carries the torque converter shaft and bolts into the front of the gearbox holding it all in place the Atf is pouring out of the bottom of the bell housing could this be anything else? Cheers Stephen
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    Bw35 front torq converter seal replacement

    Hi all where is the best place to purchase a front be35 to torque converter atf seal for a p6 2000 sc and does anyone know the best way to replace the seal as I cannot use my car because of so much atf loss through the bell housing and I have already put a new seal around the cover plate. Also...
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    Hello from Worcestershire

    Welcome David, I look forward to meeting you at some of the shows through the year. Stephen
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    Welcome Andy
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    New Member - South Aussie

    Wow, awesome P5B, welcome to the forum.
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    Harvey p6 my auto box guru

    Thought I needed to post my thanks to Harvey for all of his help over the past 3 years when I have been trying to save my rover p6 2000 auto. Your advice and help has been great fully received and my car is now on the road as my daily driver. The BW35 gearbox is working as it should and I could...
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    New p6 owner

    Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. Cxc plates from 1972 were sometimes from press cars. Nick dunning is the man to know. If we can help please let us know as we are a friendly bunch. Welcome Stephen
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    De-dion tube & other small pieces

    Have sent you a PM. Sbenyon
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    Please help Harvey

    Hi Harvey thank you for the quick reply. I have replaced the filter and the whine seems to be coming from the front where the torque converter is when the bonnet is open. The rear clutch i will know more on Sunday when I am off duty. The front baring that fails what's in the plate that the...
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    Please help Harvey

    Hi Harvey I have rebuilt the BW35 gearbox after failure of the front bearing. The box has been running quite well but I have been getting a whine from the torque converter when stopped good gear change up and down and strong reverse. Today whilst on my way to work I lost top gear and reverse...
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    BW65 gearbox - needs repair/rebuild

    Hi Chris, I will take the box and rebuild it when I get chance if it is still avalible then you could have it back if you need it or I will offer it to the members. Stephen
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    Well done 8866nk. Happy rovering.
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    Hi from new member Dave

    Hi Dave welcome to the forum.