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    Trim revival GRTV8, is that a dashboard figurine attached to your steering wheel in the photo? :LOL:
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    Wnigaurd door mirror

    Sorry. Don’t know the dimensions/distance of the holes. I suspect the days of trawling through scrapyards looking for one are probably now banned. There are cheaper repro ones out there but I cannot comment on the quality. This one has the hole distance measurements. COMPATIBLE NEW PAIR...
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    Wnigaurd door mirror

    There are a few on eBay UK at the moment. ROVER 2000 2200 3500S P6 WINGARD BRITAX DOOR MIRROR NEW OLD STOCK BOXED | eBay
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    Excellent anecdote from a former Rover apprentice

    A mechanic friend I used to use In London once told about a guy who was taking his car for its MOT. It was burning oil and was never going to pass so, in his wisdom, he decided to drain most of the oil out so there would be less to burn. He didn’t make it to the garage and had to be rescued with...
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    P6b project

    Looks like you’re making up for it now! Fantastic job you’re doing. Good luck and enjoy.
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    Like this!
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    This is what you call a real Rover - 1949 P3/75 Sedan

    Ejector seat! Very nice car by the way.
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    What should the proper choke cable clamp look like!?

    A pleasure sir! You guys have bailed me out enough times over the past couple of years! Considering how cold it is here at the moment it might as well have been 4am. Just to note, the head of the threaded bolt that compresses and ‘locks’ the choke cable is slightly smaller than the part with...
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    What should the proper choke cable clamp look like!?

    Hi, I’m pretty sure my choke set up is original. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Hope these help. Paul. Hope these help.
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    Rover P6 Series 1 V8 with the super rare Triplex Glass roof

    Never had seller’s remorse. Plenty of buyer’s remorse over the years...
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    Interesting P6 in Thailand

    There’s a few cars in the background. Can anybody identify the green chassis through the windscreen in the second photo?
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    Spark Plug Sockets for P6B V8

    Hi Chris, A few people have identified successful sockets in my previous post below. I ended up getting one of the guys from work to trim one down on his metal lathe as my ham fisted attempt using an angle grinder was just awful. Paul. V8 spark plug removal
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    Isolation viewing 1

    So do I! Fantastic piece of driving. I love the part when, what looks like a Porsche, (6:30) realises he can’t outrun the MG, indicates right and gives way. The Europeans drivers are much more courteous than us Brits. That would never happen on the North Circular!
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    Can anyone please explain?

    Only if they are exorbitantly priced!
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    Can anyone please explain?

    Hi Cobraboy, Thank you for your concern. All is good in this part of the world. I am well and truly out in the sticks well away from the big smoke, keeping out of trouble. It’s a dangerous time to be trawling eBay. You end up buying a load of stuff you don’t actually want or need!