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    Lockdown Jobs

    Lock down job was to fit four doors that needed to be rebuilt, then I thought why not go a bit further......:oops:In for a for a pound, or rather I should say... lot's of poundso_O
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    Lockdown Jobs

    Update, following successful fitting of the doors, (very pleased) I decided to go the whole hog and strip off every panel and get it all repainted. Whilst at it had a good poke around underneath, found a little bit of rust round a couple of the jacking points, and some round the roof, but other...
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    Old car smell

    My daughter says my P6 smells of oil and dust!
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    Lockdown Jobs

    I have A secret weapon.....a small workshop round the back
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    Lockdown Jobs

    What jobs are we up to during the period of lock down? I have finally got round to rebuilding four doors that I had refurbished and resprayed four years ago! This is a great time to get those jobs done that you have been putting off in favour of driving and enjoying the car.
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    Free P6

    I have just seen this (sat 15th Feb) this on eBay, it’s free! someone must want it... whole car. Item number... 133334696037
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    Recommendation for a supplier of an exhaust for a P6 2200 SC Auto

    Have you called Geoff at Winns in East Grinstead. Geoff can normally lay his hands on things ....01342327018 Good luck.
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    I was just about to post and say check the tyres...I had the same thing 2 years ago, drove me nuts trying to solve...My old skool MOT chap was the one to spot the issue.
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    P6 on the telly

    Here is the YouTube link....if it works....
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    P6 on the telly

    Has anyone seen the Visa telly advert, the set to Queens “somebody to love” 36 seconds in we see an Almond P6.
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    I really hope this isn’t a stupid question, however here we go -1973 to thousand SC. I am looking to replace my ignition coil, now I don’t know whether I have a system that has ballast resistance in it or not. I have read some historical comments on here, about measuring the voltage to find...
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    Rover stuff

    For my 40th Birthday my wife ordered me a birthday cake in the shape of a P6.....this is what the cake maker delivered. Fair to say my wife nearly cried....My guests, at my party did cry.....with make up your mind!?
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    Tinkling sound

    I replaced the top timing chain tensioner and my tinkling went away.
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    which car replaced your P6?

    Mk 1 Golf.....right through to a Jag XK8.......However I always kept the Rover so I guess it doesn't count really. Mind you, out of all my daily drivers none have put a smile on my face like the P6 continues to do.
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    Anyone know what car this is from?

    Well it is now on ebay, hopefully a Morgan owner can find a good home for it. Thanks for the help.