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  • When I joined the forum I forgot about Windsor in the U.K. . I am in Windsor Downs NSW Australia.
    hi mate I have a stag too put your question on soc forum im sure youll get a answer pronto
    rich777 Being new to the forum and being a computer novice I find it difficult navigating the forum. What is soc forum and how do I find it ?
    I have recently purchased a Triumph Stag fitted with a Rover V8 . It appears to be a 1972 or later by engine numbers, perhaps someone there can enlighten me? The engine no, is 42517258C.
    I have a situation that mistifies me that someone might pass a comment on. I can run the car in the garage for half an hour and there will be one or 2 drops of oil from rear main. After a run of about 10km it leaves a puddle of oil.
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