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    Rear Wheel Bearings....before I dive in.

    Hi Rob, Here is a write up that I did for removing and replacing the rear wheel bearings. What you describe does indeed sound as if the bearings need replacing. You will need a new collapsible spacer and something very solid to hold the assembly when you apply the preload. It requires a very...
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    Suspension - any ideas?

    I have seen damage like that before on Australian Rovers. It is usually from heavily worn bushes, particularly those within the top link and the rubber ball end that rests inside the spring cup. The apparent twist on your spring possibly indicates that the ball end rubber has split. When you...
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    timing gear

    If the actual radiator itself has blockages within the cooling fins, then flushing won't make a difference. Air needs to circulate through the radiator, but with a blockage from insects and dirt over time, the ability of the radiator to cool, particularly at speed is compromised. How old is your...
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    to tow or not to tow

    Hi Multi, In the owner's manual for the 3500, it states that should the vehicle need to be towed, the rear wheels are to be raised off the ground, front wheels on the ground with the steering locked. Alternatively a tilt tray truck can be used, which is the best option. Ron.
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    Removing 1974 Starter Motor from V8

    I collected my starter motor on Thursday afternoon, refitting it today, with it preforming just as it should, starting the engine beautifully! :D. It had a number of problems, the main two being a short within one or more of the field coils, and a short to Earth within the armature. The former...
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    SD1 front brakes fit a P6B?

    Hi JP, I don't think they do, but please don't quote me. Richard (Quattro) will likely know as he has different rotors on his lovely Rover. Ron.
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    Engine out tasks?

    Hi Steve, I am assuming that you will be replacing both camshaft and crankshaft bearings? If your fuel reserve tap is in anyway in need of a new 'o' ring, now would be the time to do it! Removing and overhauling the heater would also be easier to do, as you can stand in the engine bay. How is...
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    Transmission cooler suggestions.

    Hi JP, I use an adapter plate which is attached to the oil pump front cover. The oil filter then screws to the plate. Ron.
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    Transmission cooler suggestions.

    Thanks Rob, and my radiator is a 3 core unit also :cool: Ron.
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    Transmission cooler suggestions.

    No no, water cooled haha, I had removed the radiator for an overhaul. Ron.
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    Transmission cooler suggestions.

    Hi Rob, I have been running a dedicated transmission oil cooler since 2009, and very happy I am with that decision. The cooler within the radiator has been disabled so plays no part in the cooling operation. The unit that I fitted is a PWR 30 row plate and fin design. I also run a Magnefine...
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    Removing 1974 Starter Motor from V8

    Today I checked the supply to my starter motor prior to removing it from the engine. I measured 12.5 V between terminal B (30) and an Earth point. This terminal has an unfused permanent connection with the battery, so having battery voltage at this point provides reassurance that my Rover's...
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    Here's one for the experts.....inconsistent oil readings?

    Hi Mike, That is certainly the case with the V8 engine dip stick as it does not enter the oil perpendicular to the surface. Running at an angle as it passes through the windage tray before entering the sump, the oil level will always be different when viewing each side of the dip stick. Only...
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    Removing 1974 Starter Motor from V8

    Thank you indeed for your advice and the link, very much appreciated Gargo! Ron