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    Commer and a Kenworth

    Haha, I never thought about a Detroit being a 2 stroke also. Thanks Harvey, I will dig around when I have some time and read up on the TS3. Ron.
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    Commer and a Kenworth

    Although they have very different engines, the Commer 2 stroke and the Detroit diesel do sound quite similar. I would be interested to know more about the Commer engine.
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    Foamy thing over the PAS hose

    Hi Peter, I am actually a civil engineer, my master's thesis by research involves hydraulics ;). You may well find that when your new hose arrives, it already has the foam sleeve fitted. It is also actually black when new, certainly my NOS hose has a black sleeve. There is no connection...
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    Foamy thing over the PAS hose

    I fitted a NOS high pressure power steering hose to my Rover a couple of years ago. The foam rubber piece does not encompass the entire length of the hose over which it sits, so that to me suggests that heat protection is not its primary function. I am inclined to think that it is there more for...
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    Vapour lock

    Hi Phil, You can keep your mechanical fuel pump and the lines as they are and fit a Facet under the fuel tank. Depending on your choice, the Facet can be wired to run whenever you start your engine, or it can be switched on when vapour lock occurs. The Facet does not impede flow when switched...
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    new member

    Hi Gripper, Welcome to the forum. I know that you will enjoy the time that you spend here! Your Rover looks fabulous, be sure to post lots more photos for all to enjoy. Ron.
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    I badly need bushes for the front suspension upper links, or a pair of good links with reusable bushes

    Hello Alisdair, I have replaced the top link bushes twice since my Rover was manufactured in 1974. First time with all NOS items at 91,000 miles (146,500km) in October 1990. Those bushes I subsequently replaced during June 2017 with some 357,600 miles (575,750km) covered all up, so the initial...
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    I badly need bushes for the front suspension upper links, or a pair of good links with reusable bushes

    I fitted a set of the Wadhams top link outer cone bushes back in 2017 along with a pair of NOS inner bushes. The Wadhams bushes are very good quality, and I am pretty hard to please. Since then my Rover has covered around 50,000 miles (80,000km) so not all that far, but the bushes have given no...
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    Aircon/ viscous coupling pully

    Hi Sam, Yes, the pulley for the nylon fan is noticeably smaller in diameter when compared to the pulley that runs with the fixed fan. The nylon fan and viscous coupling were used with Rovers that were fitted with air conditioning, and in countries that were classed as being hot. All of the...
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    Silver rectifier in drivers knee bin.

    A rectifier within the context of alternating current is a diode, and there are no diodes within that location. There are two silver canisters that house capacitors and relays for operating the hazard lights and indicators. As to their operating temperature I cannot say, but too hot to keep hold...
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    Spark plugs and other stuff

    For engines running SU carburettors and the standard flame trap configuration, the baffle plates upon the rocker shafts are there to prevent oil in copious quantities from being drawn into the flame traps and their associated connections. Spark plugs from my understanding are a representation...
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    Where in New Zealand?

    Hi Peterv, The engine number could certainly add weight to those thoughts. The heads are responsible for spark plugs, so that in itself is not reason to think it is a 3.9, whilst oil pressure can be misleading, being sender dependent. Ron.
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    De Deon Tube illustrated

    Yes indeed, that is a great post Peterv! Hi JP, We tend not to see too many oil type de dion tubes here in Australia, so yours being a grease type like mine tends to be the norm. The grease type has the advantage of not leaking oil, there is nothing really in them, just some seals and a thin...
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    Rear Wheel Bearings....before I dive in.

    Hi Rob, Here is a write up that I did for removing and replacing the rear wheel bearings. What you describe does indeed sound as if the bearings need replacing. You will need a new collapsible spacer and something very solid to hold the assembly when you apply the preload. It requires a very...