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    speed awareness course

    I was caught doing 37 in a 30 and was offered the course as I had no points on my licence. I did the course and they told us that we didn't have to advise our insurance. However, if insurance ever asked you have to be honest.
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    1:18 & 1:24 P6 models

    Phil, that is a fantastic line-up. I love the estate. There was something very special about your kits and being able to personalise them.
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    1:18 & 1:24 P6 models

    Phil, You mentioned the 1:24 scale resin models you used to do in your original post on this. Weren't they the Outhouse kits? I bought two of those a long time ago.. I still have mine and I think my brother had the other. I loved these models. Would you ever have plans to redo them? Here...
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    My slot-car (Scalextric) model of my Rover P6

    Sunday will be the big test. I am looking for more of these Lucky Toys, but seem to be hard to get at the moment. Plenty of the bigger ones, but they are no use. If I can find some more, I will be making more.
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    My slot-car (Scalextric) model of my Rover P6

    The only Rover cars made by Scalextric were SD1s. There are also MG Metro 6R4s , MG Maestros and Range Rovers, but no P4s, P5s or more importantly P6s. FPF do make a resin bodied slot car based on a model of the Bill Shaw’s Racing P6, with flared arches and large bonnet scoop. However, I...
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    Happy Birthday Pilkie

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one. :D
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    Shall I,Shan't I,Should I,Shouldn't I,???????

    Much better looking without sunroof. Not a fan of personal plates either. A car's original number is part of its identity / history.
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    The most expensive 2000TC ever?

    Just like the series 1 P6 :D
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    VIP P6 on ebay

    No connection with me and maybe should be posted in 'Cars Spotted' but I thought it might be of interest. Brabus (my brother) phoned and told me about it. Link: ... 233a478d1a
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    How many have Radios

    I think that might actually be Radio 1 :D
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    How many have Radios

    That's cool. I remember my Dad having an 8-track in his 2000 TC :D
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    How many have Radios

    Does anyone have an 8-track in theirs?
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    How many have Radios

    My P6 has no radio, although my son wants me to fit one. My 75 has a CD Radio.
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    Just watching 'Agnetha - ABBA and after' Now, that is proper music. She is still beautiful. Dancing Queen my all time favourite song.
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    Take Nothing For Granted

    Excellent job. That engine looks great. A very true story. Take nothing for granted. A number of years ago my oil light was constantly on. Engine sounded ok so I bought a new sender unit and fitted it. Oil light still on. I was actually starting to remove the engine when my wife asked me how...