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    Classic Rover Parts

    Just the one Rostyle? I'm just doon the road in Kirriemuir.
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    Rover stuff

    One of mine!
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    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Aye definitely if it's any good. I can take more if needs be and get you original. You can zoom into most of it. Not that I noticed any difference from a later one?
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    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Got a mate to grab a pic when he was at shed. Not the best but it might clean up a bit more if required.
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    Under bonnet label - early 2000

    Looks like mine might still be in place. Long over due a visit to ARG as been tucked up for last few years. Will try to get picture this weekend
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    Hello from Glasgow!

    I think the ecu on the 75 seats is only for the memory function so power up the seats and they should operate fine.
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    Boot prop rod or measurements needed

    Where in Scotland? I have a spare prop. Near Dundee ;)
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    New Project begins, 1974 P6 3500 V8

    Just sitting in my shed. Not desperate to get rid of. Not running for a couple of years.
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    Anyone know this car?

    VIN 42500722A
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    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Brilliant!! Now you need to bring it up to Scotland so I can get a look :eek::D
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    Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

    As much as pains me to say it I would sell the 3500s. Think your profile picture lets us know which is your favourite :cool:
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    New member in Edinburgh.

    Hi Dean welcome to the Scottish membership section. I'm up the road beside Dundee but not been on the road for a couple of years with P6 though :)
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    New Custodian of a 3500S in North Scotland

    Stunning Gary just as I would expect! Surely a trip to SARR next Sunday then?
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    Project...... 'PHAT' Rover!

    Great to see your still going! Been following from the start. Might be a long time between updates but they are all great and worth waiting for :)
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    Other people’s photos of your car.

    My car at a local agricultural show!