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    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    Possibly a bit late, however, back in the day I had an early 2000 (originally my father's) which was registered on 12 June 1964, although I have no idea of the actual build date. I am 99% sure that the owner's handbook on that one was red, however, I'll hope you'll understand that I can't...
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    Excellent anecdote from a former Rover apprentice

    I know one young person (not allowed to say young lady) who was asked to check her car oil level and top up if needed. Filled to the brim. On another occasion I asked the new 'general assistant' to fill up the screenwash on the co. car I was using whilst I went to a meeting, he filled the...
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    P6 2000 TC French

    Bonjour, bienvenu :) Is your 2000TC a French market Left Hand Drive model? Photographs are always appreciated on here ;)
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    three spoke like merc emblem in head lights.

    I have no idea whether the following is correct but I've been reading a restoration thread on a P3 75 (RHD) which refers to the original headlights as Lucas 50280 / 50281 (LH /RH respectively) . Sorry, can't post a link but it's on The Lucas references mean nothing to me but...
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    New member

    The car looks lovely and the interior is very impressive. Good luck.
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    P5 Front drum brake picture?

    Rover introduced them on the 90 for the 1956my. Covered in The Motor, Sept 21 1955 - "braking system adopted on the 1956 Rover 90 is of the latest Girling type in which two trailing shoes are used in the front drums in place of the more usual two leading shoes" It goes on to say that it's been...
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    Manual 3500S - 2 different gear levers?

    IIRC the longer gearstick came in with the lower compression engine for the '74 model year, together with the other changes such as the S reverting to non-spoked wheeltrims. No idea whether they can ge retro-fitted, never even thought about it :)
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    just bought one

    450SLC, that brings back memories! I had one in the same exterior/interior colour scheme, but with sunroof, back in the 80s and into the early 90s; same year as well. Mine confused a few mechanics by having what I think was a fairly rare option of self levelling rear struts, with reservoir...
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    First P6 in OZ!

    I'm of the same view as ChrisW. My first thought when I saw it was very early due to the angled exhaust and then I noticed that it didn't have any badges on the boot lid, which might tend to support it being an early factory vehicle. My father had a June '64 car and, although I was obviously a...
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    Cooler engine bay.....?

    It probably depends on what you're main issue is; if you're thinking about heat build up when the vehicle is static or slow-moving a manually controlled electric fan can make quite a difference. If it's whilst driving then it's the same but bonnet vemnts will increase airflow. Some people use...
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    1988 3.5 V8 spark plugs.

    Thanks, missed that entry re crate engine.
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    1988 3.5 V8 spark plugs.

    It might help if you (OP) clarify which make/model. Looking at the screenshot, it days TVR. Is that correct, if so, which one? There was a supercharged 350 available around that time, possibly using different plugs from the standard vitesse-engined 350. They also did a 390 and possibly the...
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    1964 French "Sharks Tooth" 2000

    Yes, commonly referred to as sharks tooth. If you're not aware, it relates to the style of the front panel under/behind the bumper with vertical slats. From early 1966 (approx February IIRC) they changed to a panel with a more obvious vertical style to it, can't remember why now though...
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    “worst car in Britain”

    When I saw the thread title I initially thought it might be a reference to the old AA Square Wheel award to the Rover P6 3500, circa 1974 IIRC. Unfortnately, I no longer have the relevant magazine but it was yet another example of BL's poor record at that time.
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    French touch

    'Town - Country', sounds as if it could be to switch between two horns, perhaps the standard ones and air-horns. A very 60s / early 70s fitment - the Jensen Interceptors had Town & Country horns.