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    1977 mgb gt

    I purchased this as a non runner with the intention of getting it started and restoring it. Massive project as I believe it was used for rallying of some kind. Dents all over the place, no seals so water is getting in every where. Roof has been butchered to install a roll cage. Dash is...
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    Su hif carbs

    I have some Su Hif carbs fit to my 3.5Ltr v8. I have cleaned them up as the pistons were seized. They move freely now. I have now put oil into where it goes but since then the pressure has increased a fair bit to raise the pistons. Obviously this is supposed to happen but it there anyway of...
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    Ballast resistor and General help

    I have purchased a 1977 mgb gt 1.8. The engine and gear box etc have been upgraded and has been fit with a rover sd1 3.5ltr v8 engine and gear box. My question is do i still need a ballast resistor? I basically brought this as a non runner and when i brought it the resistor was attached but not...
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    Distributor fitting

    I have recently purchased a mgb gt 1977 that has been converted to a rover sd1 v8. I brought it as a non runner and hey presto it's still a non runner. It has been sat for many years so was slight seized but engine is moving. I've stripped the fuel pump and that now works, rebuilt the starter...
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    Hello from derby

    I have recently purchased a 1977 mgb gt that has been modified with a sd1 gearbox and 3.5ltr rover sd1 v8 engine. Currently a non runner and battered but I'm hoping to restore it