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  1. thebaldyman

    Calculating valve shims

    Hi I am in the process of rebuilding a spare engine I have and will be needing to adjust the valve gaps. I have read previous posts where people had tables to help work out what size shims are needed to alter the gaps to spec. Does anyone have a table they could send to me at all please? No...
  2. thebaldyman

    2000 front valance

    Hi I'm after a front valance for my 66 2000sc if anyone has a spare? The one on there is past saving and will need replacing during the ongoing resto. Cheers
  3. thebaldyman

    Petrol cap lock

    Hi, Does anyone have a petrol cap lock and key in their spares stash? Mine got screwdrivered by some petrol stealing toerag!!! I hope the additive knackers their catalytic converter!!!! While I'm asking has anyone got a solid front valance for a 66 2000SC they want to move on?? Cheers
  4. thebaldyman

    Help needed!

    Having just bought my dads 66 P6 2000 from him I have an issue with a loud rattling noise from the top end. When I got it it wouldn't fire up but turned over fine with no unusual noises. I decided to replace the whole ignition system from Simonbbc. The car fired up first time but made a god...
  5. thebaldyman

    Series 2 front window frames

    Hi I'm looking for an excellant pair of the later front door window frames. I am upgrading to Sundym glass in my series 1 so need them due to the different front quarter-lights i believe. Got two sets of early ones in the garage but not the ones I need!! I don't need the door glass just the...
  6. thebaldyman

    Unusual drone/vibration

    Hi With this little glimmer of sunshine I have been using my dads 2000 as a daily driver to work and back approx 16miles. I have noticed that it has started to make a strange noise when you slip into 4th when accelerating on the dual carriageway? Around town and accelerating up through the gears...
  7. thebaldyman

    Bonnet needed urgently!!!! please!!!

    I am after a series 1 bonnet after mine decieded to commit suicide today! In fact any bonnet that would fit and you are willing to wrap and post or are near enough to collect. I have a spare of every panel including a roof with a tudor webasto sunroof but not a bloody bonnet typical :roll:
  8. thebaldyman

    Ah Rollocks!!

    Had a major ballache this morning driving to work in the rover, the bloody bonnet flipped up at 65mph :shock: :shock: :shock: Makes you concentrate pretty quickly and sit a little higher on your seat I can tell you especially when it happened when I was changing to the outside lane of a...
  9. thebaldyman

    Steering wheels

    Hi I am slowly (very) trying to sell my garage full of parts to buy a new carpet set and other bits and bobs for my series 1. I have several steering wheels two of which are below. This is the stainless spoke wheel. The leather is in good condition but as with most of them could do with work...
  10. thebaldyman

    non starting 66 2000sc??

    Hi My sc is proving to be a pain in the rear at the moment :roll: It was running really well then we fitted the accuspark ignition system and once we fitted this it proved a sod to get started. Anyway after refitting it and checking the timing etc it was up and running really well. My dad...
  11. thebaldyman

    3500s steering wheel PAS

    Hi I have two steering wheels surplus to requirements as I have gone with the polished spoke one in my car. The following is the first I have for sale which is the best of the two. It can come with a 3500s centre or the longship one depending on which you need. No splits. I don't know what...
  12. thebaldyman

    Not so new member! got the car at last!!

    Well at last I have picked up the Rover 2000!!! been waiting forever to pick it up! Looking good after I got out the fine cutting paste and buffer followed by a good wax! We are happy as larry with it and it turns heads all day long :mrgreen: I'll post pics of the interior when I take...
  13. thebaldyman

    8" Brake Servo

    Hi I have an 8" brake servo in my box of spares if anybody is in need of a replacement or a spare. It looks to be in great condition and could well have been a recent addition to the car it came from before it was broken? Open to reasonable offers as these are very expensive to buy as you know.
  14. thebaldyman

    series 1 and 2 spares, V8,2200,2000??

    I really need to clear at least one garage to park my new P6 in when it hopefully turns up sometime next week :P TEX mirrors with mounts V8 dizzy various dashmats two different styles dashs for spares? V8 inlet manifold, Carbs, Airfilter etc wings/doors various items including matching...
  15. thebaldyman

    3500s wheeltrim

    Hi Managed to pick up 3 3500s wheeltrims at Beaulieu this sunday. Just wondering if anyone has a spare they want to sell so I could get a set together! :D cheers jamie
  16. thebaldyman

    Steering wheel centre

    Hi I am on the look out for the centre for the 3500s steering wheel I have. It is the wheel with the brushed two spokes and leather rim. A standard rover one would be preferred as the car it will be going on isn't a V8!! cheers jamie
  17. thebaldyman

    3500 wheels/tyres onto 2000

    Hi I have a set of wheels that came off a series 1 3500 and they are basically new still having the colour stripes around them and the remnants of the stickers. They are Michelin MX 185 R 14 90T Radial X. I have looked them closely and they do not state 8 plies so I am assuming that they are...
  18. thebaldyman

    Sundym glass

    Hi Is it possible to retro fit a set of sundym glass to a series 1 2000sc??? The only issue I can see is the rear door opening quarterlights as I believe series 2 cars these were fixed. Any advice would be welcome as I have at least a complete set plus extra rear windows/screens in a load of...
  19. thebaldyman

    Hi from Cornwall

    Hello I'm just about to take delivery of a 66 series 1 2000sc :D This will be another joint project between me and my dad as we also have a 1969 Triumph 1300 and I also have a 62 ragtop beetle and a camper. Before anyone asks I'm not a spotty 17yr old, i'm 40 with a family and still get on...
  20. thebaldyman

    rev counter/clock mount for 4 cylinder

    Hi Picking up my first P6 in a couple of weeks and I am looking for the rev counter/clock holder that fits next to the speedo on the dash. Guy on ebay wants £150 :shock :shock: which seems a bit steep bearing in mind I have just bought a garage full of spares for that. Last one went for £25 with...