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  1. will6440

    Wanted: Sandalwood Ambla drivers seat or rear seats

    Looking for either a good box pleat Ambla drivers seat, with no rips, or some rear seats in the same colour. Any about?
  2. will6440

    LT77 prefix 'CL' fitment

    Hi all, I'm about to purchase a LT77 gearbox with has the prefix 'CL' and suffix 'C'. As far as I can tell this means it came out of a TR7. Whilst i'm aware that the bell housing will be incorrect for the V8 in my P6 can anyone tell me if there will be any other potential fitment issues that...
  3. will6440

    Wanted: Minilite, Vitesse or Rostyle alloys

    I'm looking for a set of four Minilite, Vitesse or Rostyle alloys to fit to my '71 V8. Does anyone have any for sale?
  4. will6440

    New door seals from Scott's Old Auto Rubber

    Hi all, Whilst driving my P6 yesterday with a strong headwind at around 70 the wind noise was pretty close to terrible. I've always appreciated that the old girl is, well, old and so road noise is sort of par for the course, but it was just a bit too loud for my taste. I've also noticed that...
  5. will6440

    Difference between high and low on the dip stick

    Probably a stupid question but can someone tell me the volume of oil that is required to go from the 'low' mark on the dip stick to the 'high' mark? I know the total oil capacity but I can't find what volume is required for going between the min and max marks. I ask as i'm trying to work out...
  6. will6440

    Clutch change additional work

    Hi all, I'm planning on having the clutch changed on my car as a result of a noisy release bearing and a fairly high biting point. My question is actually around getting some additional work done at the same time and whether you think it should add significantly to the expense. I'd like the...
  7. will6440

    Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey Specialist?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a specialist in/around the Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire boarder area. I'm base between Camberley and Farnborough and need someone to do a new clutch as well as sorting my rear brakes. Can anyone recommend anyone? I'm familiar with Duncan Gill but his garage is in a...
  8. will6440

    Boot rack or roof rack

    Hi all, I’m planning a long road trip to Germany in April and will no doubt have a large about of stuff. What are people’s opinions on boot racks vs roof racks. I’ve come across some nice wooden slated boot mounted ‘racks’ and thought they looked quite nice (I don’t have the touring kit). Has...
  9. will6440

    Fitting door speakers

    Hi all, I’d like to fit some decent speakers in the front (and if possible the rear) door cards. Has anyone got experience of doing this? I have a couple of questions: How do you run the wiring for the door speakers as there are no holes which cables in modern cars run through? Do the...
  10. will6440

    Rostyles - what are they worth?

    Looking to buy some Rostyle wheels which are in average condition. I'm not 100% sure whether they're 14 or 15 inch yet, but could someone give me a guide as to what is a reasonable price to pay for a set of 4 (without tyres) in average condition?
  11. will6440

    Earliest 3500s

    Hi all, More curious than anything, but I was looking through the documentation of my car and noticed it was the 357th 'S' produced. I already knew it was an early one as it's a November '71 car but I was wondering if anyone has/knows of an earlier S?
  12. will6440

    How does your V8 sound?

    My car is currently all tucked up for winter but i'm missing it so I thought i'd post a video of how it sounds. What does your car sound like?
  13. will6440

    V8 rebuild costs

    Following my cars recent trip to the rolling road it’s now started to smoke (blue) on the overrun or when being revved and stationary. The oil consumption has also gone up so I think whilst the output of the engine is good something has clearly gone wrong. Just wondering how much I might be in...
  14. will6440

    Rolling road and carb setup

    I’m thinking of taking my car to a local rolling road to get the carbs properly set up and the timing sorted. At the moment it isn’t running brilliantly and is certainly way too rich. It doesn’t start from cold particularly well (warm is fine) and has quite poor hesitation below about 2500rpm...
  15. will6440

    Third and fourth sometimes seem to disappear

    Hi all, Recently bought my 3500S which runs well but the gearbox has a strange intermittent fault. First and second are always easy to select and engage with no problems. However, occasionally going up from second to third it seems to completely fail to find that plane of the gearbox. You...
  16. will6440

    DOT111K - does anyone know anything about this car?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about DOT111K? She is a red 3500S. Thanks! Will
  17. will6440

    Fitting SD1 vitesse alloys to 3500s

    Hi all, I've seen a set of vitesse alloys advertised which i'd like to fit to a 3500s. I know there have been many threads about this but they all seem to cover slightly different aspects of what needs to be done. Could someone summarise what needs to happen if you swap of the standard steel...
  18. will6440

    New alternator but amp meter showing negative

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase a V8s this weekend which seems to have an issue with it's amp meter. Whilst the new alternator is charging (i know this by testing the battery with the engine running with a multimeter) but the amp meter is showing a negative reading. Can anyone suggest what...
  19. will6440

    Hello from me

    Hi everyone, Just a quick intro from me. Currently in the market for a V8s and off to see one this coming Sunday with my local P6 guru. Assuming it all goes well I know the P6 will need the following addressing: Ammeter reading the wrong way around Welding on the floor in the front foot well...