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  1. MikeMelb

    Pimp my P6

    To say nothing of your high quality genuine wood and steel clothes peg!! What is the purpose of the polished alloy knob of which it appears to be a supportive element?
  2. MikeMelb

    P6 2000 TC

    Welcome. Looks to be in excellent condition, enjoy. don't recognise the plates, where are you? Mike
  3. MikeMelb

    Just bought rover tc 2000 car did not start for 30 years what cane i do ? To get it started full original

    Welcome, looks great. To cobraboy's advice I would add the suggestion that you inject a light penetrating oil (in the old days RedeX, but it seems unobtainable) into the spark plug holes and let it sit for 24 hours before trying to turn the engine over. New points and cleaning the contacts...
  4. MikeMelb

    3500S on Bring a trailer

    Love the letter " It all began in 1970 when we purchased........Since then the car has been a source of irritation to us.....................etc plus list of faults. I can readily relate to that and wrote something similar to the Rover CEO in 1970.
  5. MikeMelb

    1969 NADA Rover 2000TC in Zircon Blue

    only pointing out an affinity, we are now on our 3rd Volvo having always owned one since 1987. But there will be no more while the Communist Party of China is heavying Australia.(sorry for bringing politics in)
  6. MikeMelb

    1969 NADA Rover 2000TC in Zircon Blue

    Looks great, but just realised.............It's a Volvo.........check out the HAT
  7. MikeMelb

    Make Hay While Sun Shines

    Looking good, keep safe
  8. MikeMelb

    3500 wing badge paint finish

    Don't believe it was painted, just anodised aluminium. If it is shiny assume some-one has sanded it?
  9. MikeMelb

    fuse box

    Worth cleaning up the earth connections if you are having a problem with lights
  10. MikeMelb

    Series 1 heater question.

    attached Heater unit and fan, followed by OE A/C unit and component list. That's about all I can give you for now. Still would like to be allowed into Clifton Beach (Cairns) in July, could you please organise
  11. MikeMelb

    Series 1 heater question.

    Definitely has a fan, 3 speed positions tho position 1 is Ram effect. Last thing you need is heat. Pity you won't let us in for the next few months!
  12. MikeMelb

    On Ebay...

    Seems an honest description. Am gob smacked by the bid price, a car like that would struggle to make A$3000 here.
  13. MikeMelb

    Nearly there.

    looks like a fine vehicle. Enjoy.
  14. MikeMelb

    Here's one for the experts.....inconsistent oil readings?

    Don't think this is as unusual as others have indicated. At times one face of the dipstick can indicate a different level than is found on the other face. Suspect it may be a function of how straight the dipstick is, or whether there is a kink in the tube, and how freely it runs when inserted...
  15. MikeMelb

    Another New Guy

    Welcome from Oz. Looks great, especially love the piping on the seat upholstery.
  16. MikeMelb

    BW35 Rear mounting Metalastik Bush

    There is an Australian Ford Falcon mount which works with minimal modification. We used it about 5 years ago and whilst I don't remember the part number, at the time I did give details to David W the RCCA parts guru so could possibly get the info if all else fails.
  17. MikeMelb

    Door to door seals

    I got seals from Scott (leading edge of rear doors only) 5 years ago and ended up trimming a bit off, so suspect there is not much, if any, difference between his and what you have. But it may be worth asking him for the dimensions. Mind you I also had a bit worn through on the original at the...
  18. MikeMelb

    water leak

    In case the pdf doesn't work
  19. MikeMelb

    water leak

  20. MikeMelb

    Electronic Distributor which is the best for reliability?

    Mine was mounted in a similar position to Thijs by the Melbourne agent in 1978. His comment at the time (and we started with one on a Datsun 240K) was that if the system was going to fail it would do so in the first 3 months. Hope I haven't put a moz on it! Certainly improved start-up and idle...
  21. MikeMelb

    Sound sample - P6 4600

    This reverses the "Picture is worth a thousand words" adage. No picture could do justice to that sound!
  22. MikeMelb

    SCAM Warning

    Thanks Rich, that is reassuring . Had assumed it was from here because of the unique password I have for this site.
  23. MikeMelb

    SCAM Warning

    The purpose of posting was to alert others. I had no intention of doing anything other than deleting the email and alerting authorities, done before posting here. Ban's password recommendations are valid and I imagine followed by almost everyone. Take care
  24. MikeMelb

    SCAM Warning

    Hi Ban, reason I think it is from this site is that the password quoted was unique to this site. Clearly the site has my email address but I use a different password for my email.
  25. MikeMelb

    SCAM Warning

    I received a threatening e-mail referencing the password which I had used on this site, now changed. It suggested that my lurid online sexual activity of the past 154 days would be exposed if I did not deposit $2000 in bit coin to 15E1TKsav65ej*tyxFcGj5tVTFuCGYQ13JZ At my age it is probably...