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    FBHVC Survey

  2. classicalgreen

    New toy

    used Snap on tools at work for years .only had 1 spanner fail among all of us in around 15 years! almost instantly replaced by snap on. so can't complain about tools.though yes the do 'wear' as do any other tools with high use rates.
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    The Infamous Series 2 Fusebox

    sheesh . was thinking up upgrading to Blade fuses but keep putting it off. car is over 40 years old and still on original fuse box. hhmm .why change whats never gone wrong versus others having issues and peace of mind. think I might opt for 2 x6 way blade fuse box and book in for mental...
  4. classicalgreen

    P6B S Project Car

    just had a peek under my bonnet. label on rad coolant is same way ( so we can read it standing in front vow engine) alternator fan shroud is fitted correctly and not as in pic! agree HIF carbs .ad wrong fuel filter though if it does same job? you cant see my electric pump as its under fuel...
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    Rover P6 Series 1 V8 with the super rare Triplex Glass roof

    def had sellers remorse .solf my mk1 escort Mexico in Daytona yellow with black stripes and custom matching centre console .electric antenna . intermittent wipers etc bought new. cant recall chases number other than it was letters then 00002 .when AA guy checked it over for me .said it was...
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    Rear shock absorbers

    would never work under car just on a jack. axle stands or supports . I have an aversion to being squished
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    Accelerator bracket

    not seen that but will have a look under a rovers bonnet next chance I get as my car has always had the 'bodge ' spring to rocker cover and clearly not factory fitting!
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    Wipers not working

    without looking at wiring diagram and checking power feed (both sides of fuse) to motor etc not easy to guess at why. have w thought about jumping power directly to wiper motor(s) see if motors are stuck? failed? might be a simply broken connection etc I stripped down my entire wiper motor...
  9. classicalgreen

    Suspension - any ideas?

    thats not right .looks as though part of steering has been heavily rubbed back and forth across inner wing. possible impact /collision or something odd. would need to get all joints checked out .wondering if anybody has seem this sort of damage before ? Harvey maybe? hope you got car for...
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    Sorry paint code advice again...

    I found car colour code on inner wing but when checked a small sample it proved different to actual colour on car ..seems a previous owner had it resprayed and wasn't colour code on car inner panel! ended up taking lower rear panel under bumper off and into a professional paint supply shop...
  11. classicalgreen

    SD1 front brakes fit a P6B?

    XJS Jag. rears ? wasn't aware they fitted /probably not easy to source though. wonder if major mods are needed and if better than standard p6 rover rears? few pics would be helpful .
  12. classicalgreen

    Here's one for the experts.....inconsistent oil readings?

    correct in that with most dipsticks one face should be used but few are orientated to fit just 'one-way . also have a modern Ford car and local service mechanic never uses dipstick for oil changes as too unreliable! simply measures oil in! having tried for self I can attest it too drags oil...
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    Here's one for the experts.....inconsistent oil readings?

    have had and still find oil level issues when dipping on some cars. oil can get dragged up dipstick tube and when dipping stick to dipstick giving false readings . ( kuga for example) especially when just stopped . my service mechanic never dips oil just puts amount in as per service book...
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    Removing 1974 Starter Motor from V8

    often a solenoid issue as they get sparking /contact resistance on contacts but DO check loose wires. corrosion .poor earthing etc looks as though you knew you had solenoid issues and were winging it .
  15. classicalgreen

    Advice on Engine Vacuum pls

    checked mine ages ago, if I recall correctly idle vacuum was about 16" hg . running abiogenesis standard. 3500 series. 2 on the 9.5 ratio.
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    don't think it's worth building up 'lobes' though technically possible of course. probably better and possibly cheaper to simply buy a new cam. ? if we are running a 3.5 V8 I understand the 3.9 later cam will not only fit but give better breathing and as much as 5 extra bhp .though stand...
  17. classicalgreen

    Pot O'Gold [almond]

    have we noticed brown is the new paint colour ..they throw in a touch of 'gold' etc all it fancy names but when you stand back and squint ..its just brown! last time that colour was popular was in 70's.
  18. classicalgreen

    water leak

    just had my heater unit out an d back in .looking at the Pdf etc see an item numbered 39..have no idea what that is as didn't see anything like it. during strip down or rebuild. hmm wonder if I will have issues later ?
  19. classicalgreen

    Electronic Distributor which is the best for reliability?

    I have fitted a full replacement dizzy from power spark (Simon- BBC) set up for my 3500auto. complete unit with sports coil . had to play with wiring a bit as not. an electrician but got it sorted. engine starts runs well. ( I also use those pellets in fuel tank) so far 2 years .no issues...
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    Breaking p6 3500s

    I'd ask about power steering box and pump /pulley etc but having asked Rimmers and taken smelling salts to recover. I think I will have to pass sadly . if your breaking fully? I might be interested in front quarter light if its a series 2 ? my glass is is Ok but chrome surround Is marked...
  21. classicalgreen

    Help please rear valance screws

    hmm interesting . my rear valance as far as I can tell is simply held in place by self tapping screws .half a dozen under boot lid area and 2 ( missing at moment) lower edge that would screw through to rear wing. using plastic retainers of course. hmm I must have a look later and check out ...
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    Newish member...

  23. classicalgreen

    Newish member...

    just had my heater unit out and now back in car after cleaning .soldering matrix . oh and replacing some foam. I posted. it on a different thread with a few pics! see if I can load a couple here too. It may help with yours.
  24. classicalgreen

    Heater box anyone?

    didnt use blow torch as slight risk delaminating cooling vanes if excessive heat .chef torch allowed local heating and easily hot enough though sadly no brûlée lol
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    Heater box anyone?

    update :) managed to wriggle box back in . easy. if you remove bracket for metal arm holding throttle parts. one bolt out .swing out of way . all bolted in and will progress slowly as plenty of time during lockdown. Carpet not due for another 2 weeks . so will start laying underfoot...