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    You could try Watling. There is a 2009 pricelist which shows a good price for a new one although it could be a little more expensive due to inflation Peter
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    Rejuvenating (very dry) leather seats

    -I also used furniture clinic products on the interior of my P5B, I first used their product to soften the leather, then removed all the old paint with aceton and then used other of their products. Even fitted repair pieces in combination with the flexifill. It is 3 years ago now and still in...
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    Recommendations for electronic ignition Distributor?

    Thats true. I fitted a new high capacity oil pump as the old RV8 had an oil pump with smaller gears
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    Recommendations for electronic ignition Distributor?

    I had a Powerspark distributor for my P5B. It was cheap and worked fine but lasted only 2 years. Now replaced by a RangeRover distributor and needed to change the oil pump for that
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    P6 stainless bumpers

    i have 2 P5B. One is with good chromed bumpers and for the other ones. i bought a set of SS bumpers. The bumpers SS are very nice and fit very good. There was one minor issue i had to rectify. Overriders look very good and fit well. The Original overriders have some sort of brackes which spread...
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    electric petrol pump

    If i google the Hitachi pump, i see these look identical to the Hardi pumps. I use one of those (Hardi) without regulator on my Rover P5B. I think it are good pumps. I fitted mine underneath the car near the reserve tap Peter
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    Engine time :)

    I overhauled a few RV8 and always left the top of the block untouched. You should check your valve guides and if not oke then buy new ones which already have the possibility to fit the modern valve stem seal like Cobraboy suggested. I think machining the old ones would cost more then replacing...
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    After 20 years a P6 again finally a V8 automatic. With work that is.....

    i would start with the wheel which has the biggest distance to the master cilinder. Dual brake system should not be more difficult to bleed with an easy bleed system. If you use a spare tyre. first reduce tyre pressure to 1 bar because you do not need more. Good luck Peter
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    Sparky's winter/spring/summer/autumn work

    Great job! These jobs take a lot of time if you do it the proper way like you do. I do not own a P6 but read that from riding comfort point of view, these P6 s were ahead in their days. So that would mean its difficult to improve it. Peter
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    Lt77 conversion requirements

    Normally the D box would be a later one but i would open both boxes first and see in what condition the gears are. There is a main axle with a lot of gears on it and you should check all the gears and especially the reverse gear for pitting. If this pitting proces started, small metal parts can...
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    Intermittent ignition fault - diagnostic advice.

    I also had problems with my Powerspark ignition module and replaced the distributor by a Range Rover one. I fitted the Range Rover ignition module on a heatsink on the inner wing. It seems these cause problems sometimes due to the engine heat and i believe the Defenders hat it factory fitted on...
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    Intermittent ignition fault - diagnostic advice.

    Reading Harvey s post, i remembered that when i had problems with my Powerspark electronic ignition, i found a site on the internet from someone who analyzed the SD1 ignition system and made a test set up with a few lights and this shows what the problem is. It worked for me. The site is Vintage...
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    Carpet options

    In the past i have bought some carpets for a Rover P5B but was not really happy with the fitment. Now i am restoring another P5B and had bought an old Singer hand sewing machine for Euro 60,- and made the carpets myself. Did not have any expericence with a sewing machine but these old Singers...
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    Door Card Fit, Appearance, Originality and Quality

    Thanks . The stapler gun was a Euro 20,- simple one. I had to shorten the strips of stapels with an angle grinder as i could not find staples with 3 or 4 mm Cheers Mark Thanks! Peter
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    Door Card Fit, Appearance, Originality and Quality

    I made new door cards for my P5B. I used hardboard and did the stitching with a sewing awl after drilling the holes with a dremel and a 1,5mm drill I was a lot of work but i am happy with the result. For other interior work i bought a 60 year old Singer for Euro 60,-. These are...
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    Which way to go.....

    Very nice build and nice result! The Rover V8 engine's can look so nice when done properly like you did. Do the elbows have an additional way of fitting or are these only held by the O-rings? Peter
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    My '72 P6 V8 is back in use on UK roads and once again wearing its silver on black 'K' plates!

    I also had cutting out period with my Rover P5B and there was a problem with the aftermarket electronic ignition. Like John stated, there is a problem with the ignition. There is a chap who has posted a lot of diagnostic features for the SD1 and also for the ignition system. For me it was very...
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    rebuilt brakes loose all fluid from master reservoir

    check the brake booster. the fluid can go in there if the seals are not oke Peter
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    Rover 3500S from Austria

    If there is not enough room for the adapter, the MGB V8 (these have the Rover V8 fitted) use an external oil filter and these have an oil pump base which can be connected to the front cover. Then a hose runs to the external filter and from the filter to the oil cooler and from the oil cooler...
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    Sourcing an OEM 35D Distributor

    I had a Simon BBC distributor but it caused problems after 2 years, I have a higher capacity oil pump fitted and ordered it with SD1 type gears so i replaced the BBC distributor by a Ranger Rover one and no problems anymore. To avoid problems with the amplifier, i removed it from the distributor...
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    New cam and followers, what to buy and where?

    I used a 3.9 camshaft. I would recommend to check your lifter preload and buy some shims for your rocker shaft Regards Peter
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    New cam and followers, what to buy and where?

    i have very positive experience with Jim Robinson (JRV8) and "V8 tuner" with buying parts for the rover V8 Peter
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    Napa NADA with New Buckskin Leather Has Come Home!!

    thats looking very good!
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    LDV Pilot gearbox (R380) or LT77 17A

    Might be an early one. Did this conversion approx 15 years ago when LT77's and parts were plenty available. I then payed Euro 225,- for a SD1 RV8 engine with an LT77 attached and picked up a driveable SD1 car with a poor body for Euro 350,-. Euro 400,- is not cheap but these are not cheap...
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    Napa NADA Leather Interior In Progress

    Thanks Peter. I used many approx 20 clamps and i put a layer of 1cm thick rubber on to the veneer and then another layer of plywood (to get an even clamping) and then the clamps Peter