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    Bw35 front torq converter seal replacement

    Hi all where is the best place to purchase a front be35 to torque converter atf seal for a p6 2000 sc and does anyone know the best way to replace the seal as I cannot use my car because of so much atf loss through the bell housing and I have already put a new seal around the cover plate. Also...
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    Harvey p6 my auto box guru

    Thought I needed to post my thanks to Harvey for all of his help over the past 3 years when I have been trying to save my rover p6 2000 auto. Your advice and help has been great fully received and my car is now on the road as my daily driver. The BW35 gearbox is working as it should and I could...
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    Please help Harvey

    Hi Harvey I have rebuilt the BW35 gearbox after failure of the front bearing. The box has been running quite well but I have been getting a whine from the torque converter when stopped good gear change up and down and strong reverse. Today whilst on my way to work I lost top gear and reverse...
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    Rover p6 boot mount screw

    Hi does anyone have a boot mount screw that holds the wheel on to the boot ? I have the other parts I.e. the cup just don't have the screw which is the large cog one for my 2000 tc. Thankyou. Stephen
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    BW35 gearbox desperately needed

    Hi Does anyone have a spare BW 35 gearbox in the north west reigion they would be willing to let go to keep a car that I rescued from the scrap man. The car now holds a current mot after 8 years off the road and is taxed. I am willing to travel to collect. If you can help please let me know...
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    Next rover p6 club Manchester Branch Meeting

    Hi All, Just a quick reminder that the next meeting in Manchester of the Rover P6 Club is on Friday 13th of Jauary. All classic car /Rover/MG owners are welcome. Meeting starts at 7.30pm at Premier Inn Manchester Airport Runger Lane M90 4DL. There is a reasonable restaurant on site which opens...