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    My first ride with Jimmy !!!

    Good evening everyone.... Jimmy is here !!!!!! When driving to my parents´ place at the dutch border, I saw a strange coloured/looking point at the horizon standing right next to the old customoffice were Stefan and I used to live...........Jimmy, coming from the dutch side of the border ...
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    Jimmy with some problems !!!!

    Good evening/good morning everyone, as some of you know, Jimmy is on his way to Germany. I received a call from Stefan in which he described Jimmy having some problems with his electric gimmicks: 1. The wipers don´t or don´t consistently work 2. Some switches on the dashboard...
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    ......the little brother

    Hello everyone, I am Rolf, Stefan´s (transexl, here on the forum, too) little brother, married with Pamela, I´ve got two girls (Lisa, 10, Hanna, 4). I love old cars, untill several months ago never thought about having one though, now looking forward to having a P6 in the future as soon as we...