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  1. quattro

    Accelerator shaft 566141

    Anyone have a throttle shaft for a manual P6B, they would exchange for beer tokens :) Number 20 in the pic below - Cheers, Richard
  2. quattro

    Opposed tank engine

    I'm not opposed to tank engines, in fact I've been for a drive in one today yes, that is me driving it. Thing is, in the museum bit, they had this: - Twin crank, one at the top and pistons meeting (well not quite) in the middle. Heard of them, but never actually seen one before
  3. quattro

    P4 and P5

    Nice to go for a little burble about and come up behind a very nice P4 on the Old Wortley Road in Rotherham, then on the way back, again in Rotherham, a P5 coming towards me. There was lots of waving :) Shame I had lost my dash cam, but nice to see them. When at Hawleys, the tyre and exhaust...
  4. quattro

    New toy

    After a long while of thinking my welding skill was not very good, and thinking it was possibly made worse by having useless welding equipment, I have bought myself this - Bit of an outlay, but me and my son want to build a soap box racer, and my welder just isn't up to it. We built a small...
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    Well, you don't see that every day

  6. quattro

    Dash screws - tip

    I have been removing and refitting the tacho a lot today, as it jumps about a bit and I have been playing with a multi meter. The three screws that hold it in are a real pain to get started when you have tiny dainty fingers like mine aren't :mad: So, I remembered from a long long time ago, I...
  7. quattro

    Door handles

    Vintage Rover P6 2200 SC TC 3500 V8 Full Set of 4 Chrome Door Handles | eBay Please correct me if I'm wrong, but is there something wrong with this set of handles? There's nothing off hand, if you get my meaning :rolleyes: Richard
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    All of my pictures have gone and I can't post them unless I pay them $399 a year? Anyon else seen this? Richard
  9. quattro

    Not enough cooling

    Popped down to Renishaw yesterday as they have a car show from 3.00 pm onwards in the afternoon. Very informal, just turn up and chat about cars 'til late at night :cool: Problem is, it is now very popular and a trillion people turned up, so poor old Sparky had to sit in a traffic jam for 50...
  10. quattro

    Richard Taylor Rally

    Popped along the The Richard Taylor Rally yesterday, and spent all day talking about Rovers :) Loads of people turned up Sparky showed off well as usual :) I almost took this home :rolleyes: Brace of SD1s Other makes arrived as well, Citroen 2CV mega motor :cool: ermmm...
  11. quattro

    Google catches Sparky

    Had a look at the factory from Google space today, and noticed Sparky sitting outside :)
  12. quattro

    Low coolant indicator

    When I fitted the header tank on Sparky, I noticed it had two electrical spade terminals on it. Now, these are to warn the driver if the coolant level drops, but you need a peice of electrical magikery to get it to work. And I found one. So, the two of the wires go to the tank, and check...
  13. quattro

    Four Nadas !

    Yes, four of them in the opening sequences of the X Files. All used as taxis outside Mumbai airport. All four dark green (Cameron perhaps) with almond roofs and side pillars. Series one bonnets with S wheel trims. Nice to them all Richard
  14. quattro

    Sparky goes for a ride

    Fit Fuel Injection they said, it's more reliable they said, Megasquirt's the route to go they said. :(
  15. quattro

    Heated rear screen switch

    I always take pictures when I take things apart, so I know how they go back together :cool: Then I forget, and cannot remember which wire goes to which on the heated rear window switch. I have the power in from a slate/brown, power out the rear screen from a brown/yellow and an earth wire...
  16. quattro

    Three P6s in Scotland

    Been on me hols in sunny Scotland last week, and saw three P6s - which was nice. Yesterday, up near Lock Lomond saw a white one, whose driver will be wondering who the nut in the A6 was flashing his lights at - thought I was in the P6 :oops: Reg number was BBM something or other. Other two...
  17. quattro

    Who sells Spanners?

    Just bought a new machine and need some (anyone sensitive close your eyes now) metric spanners :oops: Does someone on here sell them? Richard
  18. quattro

    Black 'n' silver

    Just been told that any 'historic' vehicle can now legally be fitted with Black and Silver plates. It used to be that you could only fit them if the car came with them, i.e. registered before 1st January 1973, but now any vehicle registered before 1st January 1976 can have them as long as it's...
  19. quattro

    When things aren't going well with the Rover

    Have a read of this :rolleyes: Truly Hateful Porsche 944 2.5, 8v, Illuminati Owned
  20. quattro

    Challenging Times :)

    Hi all I promise not to make a habit of this :) To cut a very long story, very short, at the age of 34 I had a heart attack, then after many years of angina I had a triple heart bypass at the age of 51. The operation was successful, highly successful in fact. At the age of 52 I walked up Ben...
  21. quattro

    Edd China's hammer

    Just watching Wheeler Dealers and I am amazed at Edd China's hammer. He can tap a track rod end and the taper just drops out. Saw him do this with a lower ball joint too, just undid the nut and a quick tap later, it dropped out. That would save me from lying on my back with three different ball...
  22. quattro

    Front wheel bearings

    A few years ago, I bought a set of front wheel bearings as I was getting a bit more than usual road noise. I remember being a little surprised that they had 'DAEWOO' printed on them, but as I was assured they were very good, I fitted one side which did make a difference. The other side seemed...
  23. quattro

    Front brake upgrade

    After driving over 500 miles over the weekend, I felt I have to change the front brakes. Those Rossinis aren't particularly loud, but the constant chattering like a bunch of demented crickets when applying the brakes, is a little irritating. Has anyone tried these...
  24. quattro

    Local show

    Popped out to a local show last weekend, Spent about a week cleaning and polishing :) This was nice Awesome bikey - I got one of those :D Want of of these 8) Reg is close enough for my liking This flew past Nice P4 The power and the glory, British style wibble, drool, I...
  25. quattro

    Wheels anyone ? ... 43dd9c5d7f Period wolfrace alloys 8)