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  1. sdibbers

    Beryl goes to the track.

    I was invited to a classic track day by friends this week. I decided it was time to see how she’d do on a track. Had a very fun few sessions on the NY Safety Track in pretty wet conditions. The track is a 2.4mile road course with 18 corners and 450 foot elevation change. Unfortunately I have...
  2. sdibbers

    I’m an idiot

    This happened a couple of weeks back, but I thought it might raise a chuckle. I replaced the UJs on the prop shaft on Beryl. During which I lifted the car and used two 7/8” steel rods in the jacking points as per the manual (I know the jacking points are in good condition). Instead of my usual...
  3. sdibbers

    Series I Strip speedo light bulbs

    Does anybody know the size and wattage I need for those? I reckon mine have silvered with age and are almost dead. Many thanks in advance.
  4. sdibbers

    Oil change question

    Very simple question: Has anyone worked out how to take off the oil filter without it leaking everywhere? To be honest it may be a NADA model issue with the filter being stuck below the two brake servos so it’s impossible to turn it upside down upon removal.
  5. sdibbers

    The P6 gets a mention in the New York Times.

    Good read about why we drive, well, what we drive. Including a tale about a wayward Rover 2000. Worth a read. Driving Older Cars: Light on Tech, Heavy on Fun
  6. sdibbers

    Social distancing drive with mates

    Made for an eclectic mix on the roads of New York and New Jersey. Glad to say Beryl held up beautifully to 150 mile round trip.
  7. sdibbers

    3500S on Bring a trailer

    Looks to be a good basis for a resto. Needs correct paint and mechanical going over.
  8. sdibbers

    1969 NADA Rover 2000TC in Zircon Blue

    Upstate NY fun pics
  9. sdibbers

    The exciting world of HIF6 carbs (or how I learned to love the Skinner Brothers)

    Well, after a few years of having converted my 2000TC to a 2200TC including switching from HS8's to HIF6s I thought I'd share my experiences. As mentioned in the conversion thread they do give much better mid-range performance and a much smoother idle compared to the HS8 2" carbs. However, I did...
  10. sdibbers

    Alignment specs

    Hi All, does anybody have an idea what the specifications are for camber, caster and toe algnment? I've adjusted caster recently (with a big improvement in handling and steering feel), but I'm interested to know what the starting point should be.
  11. sdibbers

    A bit of shameless self promotion!

    As some of you probably know, Kim and I started a company a couple of years ago reverse engineering and manufacturing classic car parts. I was lucky enough to be interviewed a few months ago about it for Veloce Today, and online magazine for fans of Italian and French classic cars. The article...
  12. sdibbers

    HIF6 bimetal failure

    I have HIF6 carbs on my 2000TC (bored to 2200). Recently I’ve noticed that my idle is jumping around with different heat conditions. When sitting in traffic it’ll go up to 1,000rpm. If I pull up after a higher speed run she stays at 700-750 rpm. When in traffic it’s almost like a switch. All...
  13. sdibbers

    Cars you didn’t expect to like.

    Last weekend I was helping my friend as race mechanic on his 68 Mini Cooper up at Lime Rock Park in CT. While there another friend joined us with his new car. A 1951 Bentley Mk.VI Saloon. He offered me a drive after warning me about RHD and a right hand gearshift. Of course I jumped at the...
  14. sdibbers

    Lime Rock Park Historic Festival

    Spent Friday and Saturday up at LRP in Connecticut. I was acting mechanic for a friend racing his mini. Took the Rover up there (it’s about 130 miles from home). She didn’t miss a beat and feels great these days. The roads up there are similar to the faster single lane A roads back home, fast...
  15. sdibbers

    A post for no reason.

    Finally had some time this morning. Took Beryl out for a good drive before it got too hot, it was already 80°f when I did. Finally have the carbs nicely balanced both for mixture and air. I’ve switched to 0W40 oil in the dashpots and that’s helped throttle response and acceleration over the...
  16. sdibbers

    Spadaro Memorial Drive yesterday

    The SMD is a fund raiser road rally that raised money for childhood cancer care and research. It’s normally around 70 miles of country roads in Westchester county above NYC. About 120 cars take part and it’s great fun with a really eclectic range of cars. Here’s some pics from it. Glad to report...
  17. sdibbers

    Front wheel bearing oil seal

    Does anyone know the specs for the front wheel bearing oil seal? Many thanks in advance, Steven
  18. sdibbers

    Manual gearbox modern oil options

    I’ve rebuilt a spare gearbox for my 2000TC (new remote rod seals, oil seals gaskets, bearing were needed etc). I want to replace my current box as it’s getting quite whiny in third and is basically incontinent when it comes to oil retention. I’m pretty sure it’s losing some via a bad gasket from...
  19. sdibbers

    Oil accumulator

    One of the things I always feel bad about on the four cylinder engine is how long it takes to build oil pressure when the car has rested for a week or so. Even with the stand pipe style oil filters I know it can take a few seconds for it to reach pressure after starting. I’m considering adding...
  20. sdibbers

    An end to floppy bonnets

    Posted this on my member’s project thread but it might be handy for other folks here. I’ve always noticed the leading edge of my bonnet would move when at highway speeds. Also I felt like the bonnet drooped on one side when on the stay. After looking at the X shaped cross braces I noticed the...
  21. sdibbers

    Diff play

    Because of getting everything else working on Beryl one thing stands out now. There's a fair amount of driveline shunt. I've checked all the UJ joints and they seem in good order. I can turn the propshaft about 30 degrees before the backlash is taken up in the diff. Any thoughts on how to adjust...
  22. sdibbers

    Output shaft oil seals

    I think I need to replace the left hand one on my 2000TC as oil is getting thrown onto the disc. Do I need to remove the diff or is it possible to do in situ? Also, any recommendations forthright collapsible collar? I know some have the incorrect seam welded tubes that don’t, well, collapse.
  23. sdibbers

    Front caliper interchangeability

    I've not rebuilt the front calipers on my 1969 2000TC since I've owned it. They feel mostly ok, but when I rebuilt the master cylinder last weekend I noticed black fluid from the left hand front caliper. I think it might be a good idea to rebuild them. My question is: Would the Girling 16P...
  24. sdibbers

    1965 Alpine Rally

    Lots of P6 footage, not to mention dodgy speeding up of film and sound fx tyre squeal.
  25. sdibbers

    Series I 4 cylinder battery size?

    I have a 69 2000TC with an AC11 alternator (ex AC car). It has the battery up front and the one in there is on it's last legs. I notice its smaller than the tray and clamp. Any idea what size I should look for?