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  1. Chalky

    Mot day

    Passed no advisories! Deep joy. Also co 3-14% and hydrocarbon at 167ppm. Right result. Just got to switch back wheels tyres rolling wrong way.
  2. Chalky

    P6 running great

    Hi been thinking that reading these threads fill people with dread. I know it's brilliant to go on here and get your problem solved but reading through you get the feeling that our brilliant cars are always broken. Just like to say that my car is running like a dream and is a joy to drive. Going...
  3. Chalky

    Carcoon cover

    Thinking about getting a 4.7x2m carcoon. Am a bit tight for space in single garage. Anyone know if they balloon out larger than stated size and does anyone use one?
  4. Chalky

    Timing light

    Just a quick one. Where do you pick up live for strobe light under the bonnet when battery is in the boot?
  5. Chalky

    Rocker cover colour

    Anyone know the correct name for the factory grey paint on my rocker cover please. Need a touch up Cheers Tim
  6. Chalky

    New member

    Hi everyone My name's Tim and have just become a roverholic. Cashed in some pension money and bought a 75 2200 tc with 38000 miles on clock, love it Been tinkering for about four weeks now including new engine mounts,k and n filters, fixed wiper delay with kitchen sponge, tightened up stainless...