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  1. WarrenL

    Heater fan keeps running with the key out.

    Hi all, I've searched high and low through the forum without finding any reference to this particular problem, so please forgive me if I missed it in here somewhere. I've just had the heater unit out of my V8 for a good clean-up and unblocking of the matrix. Since I put it back in I've noticed...
  2. WarrenL

    At last, a working screen washer!

    After 18 years without a functioning screen washer (a car of Brown Rover's age does not require one for a WOF), I can now squirt water at my windscreen! Whilst other people were out enjoying their Saturday nights at the footy, or socialising with friends, or watching a movie, I was hunkered down...
  3. WarrenL

    NOS vinyl quarter panels.

    Just in case you haven't spotted them: ... 51bca332ef
  4. WarrenL

    A-pillar wind deflectors.

    With Brown Rover's newfound long cruising legs making the car significantly quieter on the open road, that very mechanical refinement has made the wind noise about the A-pillars much more noticeable. Pondering this deficiency in the 50-year-old P6 design vis-à-vis the well-sealed modern car, I...
  5. WarrenL

    Why I don't like other people working on my car.

    At Brown Rover's last WOF inspection, the man in the blue overalls alerted me to a non-functioning left park light. That's a failed WOF, so I said "Bugger, should have double-checked them before coming in." "No worries, guv!" said the man in the blue overalls. "I'll sort it right now if you...
  6. WarrenL

    Rover 3500 kitset scale models.

    My 10 year old son is getting right into kitset models at the moment, and he'd like to make one of the P6 (preferably a Series 2 3500 in Tobacco Leaf, with SD1 mags). I'm sure I've seen one or two kitsets on the net in the past, but I've been unable to turn anything up during a peruse tonight...
  7. WarrenL

    Differences between the Rover 3.5 V8 and the Leyland 4.4 V8.

    I'd like to narrow down the differences between the Rover V8 and its Leyland P76 4.4 litre sibling. Somewhere on the forum (I can't remember where), Chris York tells a story about the 4.4 litre being part of the original plans for the V8 when Rover took it over, but a difference in bore centres...
  8. WarrenL

    Where were all the Rovers?

    Today was the day of the Christchurch Twin Rivers Rally. Hundreds of classic (and not a few not-so-classic) cars turned up... but ONLY ONE ROVER P6! It was the first time Brown Rover had made it to the event for quite a few years and there was nobody for company... I had to park it next to a...
  9. WarrenL

    Well, it is a Rover! ... _id=141508
  10. WarrenL

    Insuring your P6.

    What sort of insurance policy do you hold for your P6, and how much does it cost you? I'm interested because I see that Pomsiders pay generally extortionate insurance premiums for their pride-and-joys compared to out here in the Dominion. For example, Brown Rover operates under a classic car...
  11. WarrenL

    Isn't this Rudiger's car?

    If I've got this right, somebody needs to tell Rudiger that his car has been pinched and broken for parts: ... 184133.htm
  12. WarrenL

    Indoors or outdoors Rover?

    Due to the ongoing repair of earthquake damage to our house, Brown Rover is having to spend a couple of nights outside on the driveway. This distresses me greatly, however I am aware that the internal access garage is not as common feature of UK homes as it is here in NZ, and not all Rovers lead...
  13. WarrenL

    A bloke with great taste:
  14. WarrenL

    Flicking ammeter.

    In what might be the latest of Brown Rover's ongoing attempts to prevent me returning it to regular use, I yesterday noticed the ammeter indulging in some intermittent flicking. A bell is ringing in the back of my mind - is this the regulator* on the way out? If so, can I be pointed in the best...
  15. WarrenL

    How many seals and washer gaskets required for de Dion tube?

    As the title says. I want to order seals and gaskets from Mark Gray to sort my slightly leaky de Dion tube, but I'm a little unclear as to what's required. Two of each?
  16. WarrenL

    Chevy Nova Megasquirt conversion.

    It's not a Rover, so it belongs in the Lounge rather than the engine section, but it's of interest if purely for the DIY junkyard aspect of it all: ... 1-nova.htm
  17. WarrenL

    Could my leaking fuel pump be causing awful mpg?

    This has been touched on elsewhere, but I'd like to know if others agree with the theory, first put forward by Chris York, that my leaking fuel pump is causing awful fuel consumption figures. I just topped up Brown Rover after 100 miles of mixed urban/local motorway driving, and it worked out at...
  18. WarrenL

    Choice of electric fuel pump.

    Does anybody here have any experience/advice/recommendations concerning universal electric fuel pumps? Brown Rover's mechanical fuel pump is leaking from the stripped inlet thread, a spare I tracked down has the same problem, so I think I'll just blank it off and install an electric pump...
  19. WarrenL

    I shouldn't laugh, but...

    Had to chuckle at the guy who wants to know when the cambelt was last changed: ... 242721.htm
  20. WarrenL

    The P6's most serious shortcoming.

    Now that I'm starting to drive my P6 on a more regular basis after several years of on the road/off the road drama, I've begun to notice some of the shortcomings of a 50 year old design, the most dire of which is THE LACK OF A COFFEE CUP HOLDER. I'm in a real bind here. With nothing to hold my...
  21. WarrenL

    Wobbly tachometer needle.

    I've searched the threads with little success, so it's time to start a thread. I apologise if I'm retreading old ground. My problem is, as you've correctly guessed, a wobbling tacho needle. The other week I was driving ghce's car and marvelling at the steady tacho needle. I want this for my...
  22. WarrenL

    Does any NZer have an unloved/unwanted 11AC alternator?

    This is a request for my fellow NZers: following the strange business of the rear casting causing all the noise emanating from my alternator, I now owe my buddy a replacement, having cannibalised the 11AC from his presently unused engine. Does anybody have a dead or dismantled 11AC, or even a...
  23. WarrenL

    Grumbling, growling alternator.

    The other day I tracked the source of grumbling bear sound in the engine bay. Unexpectedly, it was the 11AC alternator, which I fitted with new bearings only quite recently. The culprit was the small closed-end needle roller bearing, bearing (get it?) the number BCE89. - If I hold that half...
  24. WarrenL

    Series 1 or 2 SD1 alloys?

    I have long wanted to fit Brown Rover with alloy wheels. This is partly aesthetic (I've never liked the originals), partly practical (wider tyres). Thanks to a bit of networking over the weekend, I have been offered my choice of Series 1 or Series 2 SD1 alloys. But I can't decide which. Should...
  25. WarrenL

    P6 50th anniversary celebration, Canterbury, NZ.

    Here's part of the battle formation: Graeme's (ghce) car is 2nd from right.