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    Re timing a completely stripped 4 pot

    I have finally removed my engine from my 1970 2000TC. i will be stripping it completely, and examining all aspects of the unit. as such, the cam and crank locking positions will be lost. is there a definitive “ start from scratch” reassembly document. I believe I am comfortable in which way I...
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    VDP 15” wheels

    I have sourced a set of 15” alloys and now need the appropriate wheel nuts. Does anyone have the specific details of the sizes? length, outside diameter, do they have a washer fitted? thanks in anticipation
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    Series 2 gearbox into a series 1 2000tc

    What is involved if a series one gearbox is replaced with a series two gearbox
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    Pistons, bearings and availability

    Within a week I should be able to start stripping the engine of my 1970 2000tc. It has done 97,000 miles so will need some serious work. I am hoping that the mains and bid end journals are ok and that I just need a reborn with oversize pistons and rings. Initial research shows a wide variety of...
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    P6 2000tc bolts for carb adaptor plate to inlet manifoldD

    It would appear that the previous owner did not use to lower mounting bolts to secure to hs8 carb adaptors to the inlet manifold. I am therefore 2 short. Are these avaiable anywhere?
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    New member seeks model clarification

    Good evening all. After a 35 year gap I am now the owner of a 1970 2000TC. I have some anomalies to question as to its appearance. It was registered in March 1970, so in theory it is a series 1. The grill is series one but the doors and wings have the steel strips which look factory fitted. It...