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  1. GRTV8

    Differential hanger bushes.....any ideas?.

    I think mine need replacing as I get a "clunk" from the back when going into reverse. Is it a job I can do on my back on the shed floor or do I need to go over a pit?
  2. GRTV8

    Beryl goes to the track.

    Considering what you were up against, I'd say awesome performance. A dry day and standings may have been different. Good on you for puting Beryl up.
  3. GRTV8

    Hello all

    May have been premature Just looking at the tail lights got me mouthing off
  4. GRTV8

    Hello all

    Dont think it is 1972. Looks pre facelift unless someone has had a play with it.
  5. GRTV8

    Su carbs and firetrap

    I have a couple you can have. I just clean mine out with petrol every service, so basically never wear out. Im in Auckland NZ. Cost you the postage $3.50NZPost bag
  6. GRTV8

    I’m an idiot

    I often interrupt my drive when I spot something on the road. Some useful, some junk. Reminds me of a time in my youth in the country. Tying nylon fishing line to a large spanner and place it on the road. Im meanwhile hiding behind a hedge and wait for a car to zoom by. When they stop way up...
  7. GRTV8

    Gear Selector Play

    They can break yet still stay insitu, as a result the gear lever feels floppy. Replacing the spherical bush is easy although time consuming and involves removing the centre console and speaker grill plus the gear lever linkages beneath the trany tunnel. If your handbrake is manky now is the...
  8. GRTV8

    Well, I'm still here................

    I sold mine ,thinking it was time to upscale. Sadly after 8 yrs and driving nothing that came close to a P6, I had to buy it back.
  9. GRTV8

    1974 3500 Auto, Reg. STR168N Almond coachwork

    From day one I was told by a BW35 engineer to always reverse into your garage when you put your P6 to bed. The reason being when you first start up the revs are higher on the choke and when selecting reverse you will get that awful clunk. Something you dont get in forward gears.
  10. GRTV8

    Fresh coat of almond

    I love poking a wasp nest
  11. GRTV8

    Fresh coat of almond

    ALMOND- youve just 100x its value
  12. GRTV8

    Factory antenna

    You might have to put at least three on the roof- along the leading edge!! And a strobe light
  13. GRTV8

    New member

    welcome. Lots of knowledge on here to draw on. We like pictures as some of us cant read!!!
  14. GRTV8

    Google street view NZ

    So that's why those arrows turned up. I tried picking one up but it kept moving.
  15. GRTV8

    Factory antenna

    Haha Ive owned this car from new and Ive never replaced the aerial. The only thing Ive ever done to it ,was put a kink in it from not lubricating the shaft. Always lubricate the shaft
  16. GRTV8

    Factory antenna

    Its an UK export model
  17. GRTV8

    Factory antenna

    Here's mine -original Factory
  18. GRTV8

    Uprated anti roll bar.

    I pulled the wing off as I didnt have a pit to work in and the bloke I bought it off said "pull the wing off". No written instructions. Just four HT bolts, the new bar and the egerness of a 16yo school boy on heat
  19. GRTV8

    Uprated anti roll bar.

    Did my P6b years ago. transformed her. Only need to take one wing off , remove old one and slip it in
  20. GRTV8

    P6 webasto full sliding sunroof

    Are you prepared to ship it to NZ at my cost . If so I'll take it Perfect country to drive open top
  21. GRTV8

    Sympathetic Sundym Sunday

    I wonder if glass gets more volatile as it gets older
  22. GRTV8

    Google street view NZ

    Tiz Mine- only just spotted it
  23. GRTV8

    Serious money for a TP

    Go you halves G Six months at my place, then the next 6 at yours
  24. GRTV8

    new member

    Welcome @gripper. Nice Nice. I see you have the speakers in the same spot as mine.Great to see as most get completely flummox as to where to place them. Looks like the whole car has been well looked after.
  25. GRTV8

    Where in New Zealand?

    Drop some Sd1 heads on her Peterv and put in an upgrade oil pump also for the SD1. Give far better oil pressure/flow