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  1. Richard Edwards

    New stainless fitted to the V8

    Had an exhaust made by my local Powerflow people (Lincoln) Took around five hours in all Old silencer box Probably just past it`s best! Left Y pipe in place for now Video (if it works!) at idle (750 ish rpm)
  2. Richard Edwards

    Oil pressure on my engine

    I have just spent 30 mins using the search facility but could not find the problem I have (if, indeed, it is a problem) I have reset tickover down to around 800 rpm (from 1300!) - gearbox is much happier Oil pressure when hot does not show on gauge but oil light does not come on I have done...
  3. Richard Edwards

    Out and about in the sunshine

    Took her out for a 30 mile play in the sun Fitted new steering wheel and tacho and clock are now working perfectly Tickover needs work! Fuel gauge reads the same no matter how much fuel is in the tank but drops to zero when ignition is switched off. Does this suggest a sender fault?
  4. Richard Edwards

    RVC tacho

    I have an RVC tacho surplus to requirements Ideally I would like to swap it for an RVI but open to any offers I thank you all
  5. Richard Edwards

    RVI Tacho

    Good morning all I am looking for an RVI tacho I have an RVC to swap or am equally happy paying cash Hopefully somebody can help Many thanks in anticipation
  6. Richard Edwards

    Dropped a clanger!

    New tacho turned up to replace my non functioning unit:) Its is an RVC, only fly in the ointment is that the one I am replacing is an RVI :( Can it be fitted in place or is the signal different? Do I just bite the bullet and fit electronic ignition and the RVC? All assistance greatly...
  7. Richard Edwards

    Clock testing

    Good evening all The clock in my car does nothing I have obtained a replacement clock for my S2 3500 dash Can I test it with my trickle charger as a power source or does it run from the 10v voltage regulator? I would like to test it if I can prior to fitting to eliminate the clock as a...
  8. Richard Edwards

    Should this be connected to something?

    Looks like a condenser? Car starts and runs OK but tacho does nothing at all Wondered if this might be why? If I remove the dash is there a test I can do to identify why the tacho doesn`t work Duff unit versus not receiving a signal? Pressure gauge, ammeter, temp etc. all work
  9. Richard Edwards

    Gearbox tunnel cover fitted

    Fitted a good used tunnel cover this morning to replace a broken one that came with the car Couple of questions for the guru`s How is the selector panel secured to the tunnel cover? I think mine may have lugs broken off the back by the looks of it? Second question, do both of the...
  10. Richard Edwards

    Wadhams glass to door rubbers

    Hi all Does anybody have any experience of the Wadhams seal that fit from door to glass on the outside Mine are very cracked so I need to do something Any advice gratefully received
  11. Richard Edwards

    My 2200SC on ebay

    1976 Rover P6 2200SC | eBay Time has come to let my four pot go It has been replaced by a V8 so now lives outside all the time I can be contacted on 07946368164 if anybody is interested Richard
  12. Richard Edwards

    35 or 65?

    My 1972 P6B has an SD1 engine fitted I believe The dipstick for the gearbox is on the right hand side of the engine looking from the drivers seat (offside, opposite to engine dipstick Does this mean it is a BW65 gearbox? Many thanks
  13. Richard Edwards

    3500 workshop manual

    Now that I have acquired a V8 P6 which is the best workshop manual to buy? Haynes has always been first choice for a lot of my cars but there seems to be quite a few genuine Rover manuals available If OEM is the way to go, which version given that my car is early `72 Any advice gratefully...
  14. Richard Edwards

    Gone and done it!

    I seem to have bought a P6B Needs some tlc but having owned a 2200SC for several months I had to have a V8! Collect on Saturday, wish me luck
  15. Richard Edwards

    3500 V8

    Currently looking for a decent V8 that needs some cosmetic work I have contacted a guy in Troon who has a 3500 for sale, does anybody know anything of the car? Price is reasonable if it has been described honestly Any information gratefully received Many thanks in anticipation
  16. Richard Edwards

    Customer service at it`s best!

    Good morning all I purchased a fan belt and air filter for my P6 from an ebay seller The air filter shown was shiny and new sitting on top of it`s box The filter I received was a different make, grubby and wrapped inside a plastic bag which smelt of petrol when it was opened, the filter also...
  17. Richard Edwards

    Wingard door mirror

    Evening I am after a Wingard near side mirror for my car If anybody knows the whereabouts of one please let me know I thank you all
  18. Richard Edwards

    Series 2 Kienzle clock

    My clock is running very slow I took it out today to have a look and there does not appear to be an adjusting screw on the back of it Is this correct or is there a plug on the back that has to be removed?
  19. Richard Edwards

    Gone and bought a four pot!

    Picked her up today Nice condition but plenty to improve There will be lots of questions soon........
  20. Richard Edwards


    Looking at the availability of a rear P6 bumper If anybody has anything in good condition please let me know Many thanks
  21. Richard Edwards


    Hi all Rik from Lincoln - new member looking to move into P6 ownership Question is V8 or Four pot? I have located a solid 2200SC with a genuine owner but would I be happy with it knowing that there are V8`s out there? If any 2200SC owners would like to share their thoughts on how they...