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  1. Barten

    Hot starting problems 3500

    My thrusty Rover 3500 1971 has developed a problem when hot. It can take more than 1/2 hour for her to ignite again after a stop. Very inconvenient at petrolstations and other places I choose to stop. I have checked she has spark and also petrol to the carbs. When she is cold she starts and run...
  2. Barten

    Oil pressure gauge- 0-60 or 0-100 psi.

    I have both. In my 3500s 1972 it was a 0-60 gauge installed. I swapped it for a spare one I had from a complete instrument cluster. That one was showing 0-100 psi. Does it matter? And has anyone a good method to test if the gauge works? Regards, Barten
  3. Barten

    Change from 11ac to 18acr, is it a good idea?

    My old 11ac alternator needs an overhaul. I wonder if changing to a new 18 acr is easy to do. I know I do not need the regulator 4 TR, but do not know how to rewire. Has anyone done it and how? Regards, Barten
  4. Barten

    Will any P6 owners attend the Bromley Pageant of motoring sunday 17th of june?

    I plan to go, unfortunately without any of my Rovers. It was a very good show last time I was there 3 years ago. It has an excellent one-make parking system that gives the public good chance to see a good variation in cars. regards, Barten
  5. Barten

    Dual brakes sticking on.

    My brakes sticks on after the engine has warmed up, and is binding quite severely. Today I bled my brakes as per the manual, rear and one front side at the time, but that did not help. After testing again and brakes were binding, I jacked up the rear and those were free, then jacked up front and...
  6. Barten

    New cam and followers, what to buy and where?

    My 1971 3500 auto is a bit sluggish now. It has 100000 km's on the clock and I think it deserves a new cam and followers, perhaps new timing chain and chain wheel as well. Can anyone recommend what to buy and where? Thanks! regards, Barten
  7. Barten

    Wanted : PAS pump for Rover 3500/3500s

    Hi. I need a PAS pump to put in my car. The one I have is not correct and will not give pressure unless I turn it the opposite way. If you have one to sell me you must be able to send it to me in Norway. Regards, Barten
  8. Barten

    Trouble with power steering

    My power steering system doesn't seem to work after I refitted it to the car. The car is very heavy on the steering actually worse than my other Rover without servo assistance. Today I tried bleeding the system according to the wm. My brother helped me and watched the reservoir. When I opened...
  9. Barten

    Rover passed MOT. Emergency fix of the horn.

    Today my Rover 3500 from 1971 passed its MOT today, yess! The horn did not work. I have tried to clean the contact on the stalkswitch and I have checked that the horn works if i feed it directly from a battery. The problems seems to be low voltage on the current supply when the horn is...
  10. Barten

    How does the brake light switch look like on a 72 3500s LHD

    I can't find any brake switch near the pedal box. It is one of the critical items to fix before MOT next thursday. Regards, Barten
  11. Barten

    Leaking 5 way brake union. What can I do?

    The plastic sender is leaking brake fluid. I wonder if I should just put a blind plug there instead. Fortunately I have used silicone brake fluid so the new paint is not damaged. Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain this plastic sender separately from any suppliers? Regards, Barten
  12. Barten

    Revealing my 27 year project : 72 3500 s

    Hi. I am in the process to doing up my long term project car. A 1972 3500s sold new in Norway in 1972 and in my posession since 1989. I was a student then. I got my first job the year after and bought a house with a garage. I started on the restoration in 1991 after I had done some work on my...
  13. Barten

    Where should these rubber blocks go?

    Hi, I plan to install the windscreen on friday. When I unpacked the brackets these 2 rubber blocks (appr 2x1x1 cm) was together with them and I had written "place one on each side" . It was hard to read after 25 years in storage. I have an idea that they are for keeping the correct distance for...
  14. Barten

    Cover sills - what colour?

    I am currently assembling my Monza 3500 s and i wonder what colour the cover sills should have. I know they shold be black, but should they be matt or shiny black, or something inbetween? Maybe I could use some chassis black in a spraycan? I have some solid 2k partly matt black I got for the...
  15. Barten

    How is this seal installed?

    It has part no 364631. I suggest to glue it on where i hold it but i might be totally wrong. Please advise me. Regards Barten
  16. Barten

    Starting problems on rebuilt engine

    My rebuilt engine has finally started but only runs on 4 cylinders. Cylinder 4 & 6 on the rh bank and cylinder 1 & 7 on the lh bank doesn't seem to fire. ( the headers are cold on those cylinders). I wonder if it could be caused by fuel feed? Does one carb feed those 4 I wonder? Any ideas will...
  17. Barten

    Where to route return fuel on these SU's

    I have installed an electric fuel pump below the tank and I have routed the fuel supply via the reserve fuel valve. I have placed that under the tank too. My su carburettors, i think they are hif6, do not have an outlet for return fuel. At least nothing obvious that I can see. Do anyone have a...
  18. Barten

    What is this bracket?

    The bracket in the photo; does anyone know what purpose it has got? I am am talking about the bracket just behind the bumper iron. I don't want to miss out anything, but don't have anything to put there. Regards, Barten
  19. Barten

    How much slack in overhauled rear hubs?

    I have just put wheels on the rear of my Rover project. I can jiggle the wheels so that it make a clunking sound on both sides. It is so long ago I overhauled the hub and changed the wheelbearings. I do remember that I followed what the book says about tightening and using a spring weight to...
  20. Barten

    Capital letters on the Forum?

    I have noticed an annoying feature when I post on the Forum. A lot of Words get Capital letters even though I Write small letters. This previous sentence is a good example. Is it anything in the Forum set-up that causes it? I cannot remember having this problem any other Places. Has anyone else...
  21. Barten

    I thought my BW35 had a serious problem

    Yesterday I took my nice original 3500 1971 out for a spin. The roads were dry and the it was nice to try out the new Vitesse Wheels properly. I stopped for a Meeting car just before turning into my drive. When I started up I heard a bang, then grumbling noises from the gearbox. I got a few...
  22. Barten

    Water hoses installation from the heater.

    I am wondering which way the 2 heater hoses shall be installed. From the book it looks like the longer one of the hosesin the drawing goes from the upper inlet on the heater to the lower tube that goes through the inlet manifold. The shorter hose goes from the low on the heater to high on the...
  23. Barten

    Installing power steering pump - help!

    I am trying to install my Power steering pump. I don't seem to have the right brackets and I cannot remember how it was Attached when I dismantled it 23 year ago. can someone please help me identify the parts I actually have? My question is; Are the brackets similar for LHD and RHD cars? If...