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  1. colnerov

    Ron Arad chair.

    Hi, We've probably all seen these in the past, but I didn't realise they were fetching £6,000.o_O Vintage Rover Chair by Ron Arad for OneOff Ltd. Colin
  2. colnerov

    1969 4.8l turbo.

    rover mk1 p6 4.8L turbo | eBay
  3. colnerov

    A close shave on the hard shoulder. ...
  4. colnerov

    Lord Montagu dies
  5. colnerov

    NOS rear bumper

    Hi, as title - ... 1228661265 Colin
  6. colnerov

    White P6 M25

    Hi, I saw KH or HK (can't remember which way round) **O 777J this morning on the M25 clockwise just past Leatherhead, it's some ones on here I think, but I can't remember who's. Colin
  7. colnerov

    NOS Rostyles

    Hi, just spotted these 3 NOS Rostyles - ... 6016.l4276 Colin
  8. colnerov

    Online transport bookstore

    HI, this online bookstore is closing down and selling off stock at half price if anyone is interested. - Colin
  9. colnerov

    15" wheels

    Hi, using the pic from the convertible ad. Are those 15" P4 wheels and hub caps or are they 14" P6 wheels with hub caps cobbled on? Because I'm not keen on alloys, I was thinking about using P4 centres with slightly wider rims so that I could use a better choice of 15" tyres. I was undecided...
  10. colnerov

    3500 s plus other goodies

    Hi as mentioned on another thread I found this - ... 1c49d1b70a 6"x14" minilites and LT77 5 speed and auto prop available as well available separately. Colin
  11. colnerov

    P6 parts ... 6016.l4276 Doesn't want much does he!! Colin
  12. colnerov

    I wish I could do this sometimes Colin
  13. colnerov

    Cheap Dinitrol

    Hi, just spotted this. Just right for the winter workshop season coming up. ... 1173422712 Colin
  14. colnerov

    V8 engine and 4speed ZF

    Hi, As title says- ... 1423.l2649 Colin
  15. colnerov

    The cars a star for a day

    Hi, just came across this from another forum :- ... llion.html Colin
  16. colnerov

    Again in english!

    Hi, Listed in the property section, no keywords, what are his chances? ... 1423.l2649 Colin
  17. colnerov

    No compressor? No problem.

    Where can I get one of these? -
  18. colnerov

    Remedy for classic car rescue (spit)

    Hi, heads up if you are not already aware. Documentary about post war british sportscar..... BBC4 Monday 21.00. Documentary about Ford cars in the 60s and 70s...BBC4 Monday 22.00 (British sportscars repeated at 02.30) Colin
  19. colnerov

    probate clearance

    Hi, A bit of an eclectic mix ... 4340.l2562 Colin
  20. colnerov

    Historic and Classic MOT

    Hi, just read about this on the Rover P5 Forum:- I know this doesn't affect our cars, but I worry about the consequences of this for the future. Colin
  21. colnerov

    Wine anyone?

    Hi, some people have imagination and engineering flair.....and way too much time on their hands:- Colin
  22. colnerov

    The Maxwagen

    Hi, just came across this on Ebay :- ... ink:top:en I'm speechless!!! Colin
  23. colnerov

    Boxer manifold

    I havn't seen one of these for a while. If I remember they were not effective enough to be worth the money. What say you? :- ... 2a19ee1674 Colin
  24. colnerov


    Hi, a bit short notice but, any one for a brand new bonnet:- ... 19cd31dc22 Colin
  25. colnerov

    Is this the new black?

    Or I should say the new Lead balls in steel mesh:- ... 519c034698 Colin