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  1. mrtask

    Lockdown II – cool car stuff on the web (not actually Rover related, but it has double De Dion axles!)

    I found this article elsewhere on the automotive internet and it was too fantastic not to share with y'all! Incredible engineering and fabrication going on here.
  2. mrtask

    What is the name for the little C-shaped clips with tiny triangular 'ears' on the throttle linkage to the carbs?

    What is the name for the little C-shaped clips with tiny triangular 'ears' on the throttle linkage to the carbs? Where can I buy them!?
  3. mrtask

    It was my birthday. Post pictures of your shiny happy Rover P6s!!!

    I am yet another year older. Hooray. I'd go for a celebratory drive, but my P6 is not working. The carbs have been sent off for a refurbishment, but the carrier hasn't actually managed to deliver them to the right place yet, leaving me speaking to friendly customer service representatives in...
  4. mrtask

    Fuel pouring from drivers side carb... Stuck/sunk float? Thoughts, people?

    Noticed a very distinct whiff of petrol and that my car didn't want to idle without stalling, popped the hood, fuel pouring from the overflow pipe out of the drivers side carb (V8, HIF6s). Tried tapping the carb body with the handle of a screwdriver, to no avail. I suspect float trouble. Sunk...
  5. mrtask

    What bolt do I need to blank off the vacuum port on the rear of my intake manifold?

    Hello P6 Brain Trust. When I ran a NADA air filter set-up on my V8 I fitted a 'Banjo bolt' to take a vacuum signal from the threaded port on the top of the intake manifold, behind the carb tower. Now I just want to black that hole off with a shorter bolt. Can anybody tell me what thread that...
  6. mrtask

    I badly need bushes for the front suspension upper links, or a pair of good links with reusable bushes

    I need a set of proper bushes for the front suspension top links, or a pair of good links with serviceable bushings in them. I fitted purple poly, they haven't lasted, and now creak and groan awfully loudly. Can anybody help?
  7. mrtask

    Testimonial! I found a good mechanic who knows his P6s, so I'm banging the drum for him.

    I feel it behoves me to sing the praises of the chap who recently fixed up my old banger! He came recommended by one of the wisest stalwarts of this forum, for which I am grateful. He is himself a fellow forum member, known on here by the username @GrimV8. I am very pleased with his service, and...
  8. mrtask

    Article in 'Classic And Sports Car' on The Rover V8 at 60

    Nice to see one of us in the lead photograph. Is that anyone one here? Rover V8 at 60
  9. mrtask

    Rover Jet 1 R – interesting article about a working turbine powered replica

    Jet 1 R article Interesting article from Hemmings about a working turbine powered replica of the Rover Jet 1. The work of a real whizz kid! There are videos of it in action too.
  10. mrtask

    LT77 carnage – warning, content unsuitable for the faint hearted

    I heard from my mechanic today, who had a preliminary diagnosis of why my gearbox had ceased to function. I'm sure he won't mind me sharing his informed opinion and XXX rated snapshots for your delectation. His initial impressions: "Nothing visible without digging into the box. I’m nosey, so I...
  11. mrtask

    Front swing arm bushes – what is the best practice and state of the art?

    I fitted purple poly bushes to my suspension when I rebuilt my car eight years ago. They squeak, and the inner ones have deformed. ISTR the accepted wisdom is to stick with the original type of bushes. Metalastic? With voids that have to be positioned correctly? Does anybody have a pair of spare...
  12. mrtask

    Excellent anecdote from a former Rover apprentice

    Over on the FB P6 club page a fellow asked what the knob marked 'PET RES' was for. Amongst the replies was a great anecdote. I hope the gentleman won't mind me posting it on here, because I thought it might make some of you chuckle. "It's not obvious. As an Apprentice I got a free weekend in...
  13. mrtask

    What should the proper choke cable clamp look like!?

    Has anybody got a helpful photo or two of what the right bits and bobs are to fix the end of the choke cable to the cam on my HIF6s? I've got a suspicion my car has some sort of cobble-fabbled old piece of bicycle. Maybe it is just knackered. A pic or two of an unmolested 3500 would be very helpful.
  14. mrtask

    Not a Rover, yet it seems to share a certain charm and flair with the P6

    I stumbled across this photo (not mine, thanks whoever took it!) of a sporty little Japanese saloon car whilst idly surfing the web. I was smitten straight away. I've never heard of the Isuzu Bellett B, nor seen one in the flesh, but now I want one! I reckon it has great proportions, and more...
  15. mrtask

    SOLD – V8 steel wheels with 'S' trims and Continental winter tyres

    I have a set of six steel V8 steel wheels for sale. Five wheels were sand blasted and powder coated black in 2013, and fitted with Continental 175/80R14T Winter Contact tyres. The tyres are date marked 3913; 39th week of 2013. Four tyres are very good, with between 4 and 5 mm of tread. One of...
  16. mrtask

    Anybody got a pair of good Winguard mirror stalks going spare?

    My Winguard door mirrors were box fresh items when I fitted them eight years ago. Despite keeping my car clean, driving through eight winters has seen the chrome on the stalks pit and blossom. Before I research trying to get them re-chromed, I thought I'd ask if anybody on here has a spare pair...
  17. mrtask

    Looking for a good unblemished rear bumper

    My rear bumper took a hit and looks pretty crooked, so I'm after a replacement. Nice and straight, good chrome, no flaws. Does anybody have one for sale? I'm located in London.
  18. mrtask

    Has anybody got a good rear bumper for sale for a nice price?

    I am after a nice straight rear bumper with good chrome. I can't afford a pair of stainless bumpers! Can anybody here help?
  19. mrtask

    I'm after a tunnel finisher from a manual P6 with all the pins underneath to hold the gear lever gaitor

    I'm after a tunnel finisher from a manual P6 with all the pins underneath to hold the gear lever gaitor. Can anybody help?
  20. mrtask

    Rover Sports Register 'Icebreaker' event at Whitewebbs Museum, Enfield. Sunday 23th February 2020

    Is anybody on here going to this Rover get-together in Enfield this coming Sunday? It would be nice to actually meet some of the knowledgeable people on this forum who helped me rebuild and maintain my P6 over the years with good advice and plenty of encouragement.
  21. mrtask

    Panic! My car suddenly won't start. What do I do next?

    Panic! My car suddenly won't start. :( When I turn the key the starter motor doesn't turn. I can hear a single dull 'click' but the engine isn't being turned over. I've been out for a spin today, it had behaved flawlessly this morning. Battery is charged, connections are clean and tight...
  22. mrtask

    Brand new, unused, old stock manual gearbox for 2000, 2200 P6!

    Rover P6 2000. 2200 Schaltgetriebe neu | eBay Not my auction. This item is advertised for sale on German ebay. A link to the auction was posted on the German P6 enthusiasts website hosted and run by our esteemed colleague and P6 historian Rüdiger Wicke. Not cheap, but there can't be many of...
  23. mrtask

    Is there still a P6 get together at The Case Is Altered pub in Pinner?

    Is there still a bi-monthly P6 get together at The Case Is Altered pub in Pinner? If yes, can anybody tell me when? Is Tony Bunting on this forum? Anybody have contact details for him? I'm not a P6 Club member so I'm a bit out of touch.
  24. mrtask

    Suggestions where to fit an MSD ignition module in a crowded 3500 engine bay!?

    I am going to fit an MSD Street Fire ignition gizmo. I'm a bit stumped exactly how and where! It ought to be adjacent to the coil but the space is taken up by the windscreen washer bottle. I thought about making a plinth for it that attaches to the engine steady bar mounts on the inner wing. My...
  25. mrtask

    Recommendations for a car upholsterer who can re-trim a black flat pleat leather interior?

    I am looking for a car upholsterer who can re-trim a seat of four P6 seats. Ideally in or near London. Black flat pleat including a pair of E.T. headrests. Can anybody on here recommend anybody? What does that cost in this day and age, thereabouts?