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  1. ButterFingers

    meanwhile...... in Venice

    Sadly the city is sinking, and the sea rising, I suspect that it will have to be abandoned in our children's lifetime. Not forgetting that the buildings are built on wooden tree trunk piles, in a massive swamp, many years ago. would not pass local building regulations in today's...
  2. ButterFingers

    VW ID.3 electric motor is so compact it fits in a sports bag

    just what I need for my Morris minor...;) Peter
  3. ButterFingers

    brown 3500S Richmond

    Yeaaaa, I model my self on the late Charlie Drake, always a charlie :p peter
  4. ButterFingers

    brown 3500S Richmond

    you could buy about 4 Morris minor fully restored tourer cars for that price, must be a dreamer. Btw, falkor, had a look at your utube site, and liked it, nice to find someone with a nice clear voice, talking at a moderate speed about something interesting...Rovers :)
  5. ButterFingers

    How does your V8 sound?

    mine used to sound like that too, but when getting historic club rego, the inspectors insisted that I have an extra silencer to make it quieter! o_O this I did and it lost its crackle that was so attractive, now sounds like any other modern car.....:( Peter
  6. ButterFingers

    How does your V8 sound?

    sounds a bit like my little Morris minor on a bad day! :eek:
  7. ButterFingers

    is it worth getting the Flu Jab?

    One year I forgot to have the flu jab and caught it with a vengeance, very ill for 3 weeks, coughed for 3 weeks, lost 5 kg. Now have it every year, free as a pensioner....I get a text from doctors reminding me ;) so recommend everyone to have it.....everyone, if you dont, your drive in your P6B...
  8. ButterFingers

    Rover stuff

    looks like a prototype from the factory before finalizing the project?
  9. ButterFingers

    Rover stuff

    marzipan magic yumm yumm
  10. ButterFingers

    best ever You Tube Videos

    Ohh the keenness of youth, so excited and keen, to wake up at 6.00 am jump out of bed ,straight to the shed and get into it, ahh I remember my youth, I was always the first to arrive at the shed, wanting to turn on the machinery, stoke the round sawdust boiler, all the lights on and waiting...
  11. ButterFingers

    engine oils

    sounds like a Shaka Zulu complication, check the coral perimeter for oil leaks and signs of incursion to the rockers :p
  12. ButterFingers

    just seen this on flickr.

    translation urgently needed....strine accepted, but not Swahili :p;)
  13. ButterFingers


    I have , but I'm too far away... Peter
  14. ButterFingers

    just seen this on flickr.

    An amazing piece of history, as a boy I loved both series, but 54 years later, I imagine that the cast are long gone, driving supercharged Rovers and Fords at breakneck speed through the pearly gates? :p
  15. ButterFingers

    Dutch Rover V8 "4600" - (former 2200TC topic)

    just been reading the post from the start, very interesting indeed. Noticed that all the pictures up to now were seriously blurred, and this is the first set crystal clear....well done. Did you buy a new camera, if so, what make..... Peter
  16. ButterFingers

    Extraterestrial UFOs?

    always wondered if they get Rust in space, would be a tricky job to replace a cill section in a space suit? Perhaps they carry a can of WD40 in the glove-box, RP7 for the extra tricky bits, and a can of Carlton drought to offer any aliens encountered along the way? LT. Ryan Graves probably had...
  17. ButterFingers

    French touch

    in looking at the car and trailer picture, is the trailer the tilting/lowering type. the hitch area looks like it could bend and tilt for loading? Peter nice to see one Rover giving another a helping hand.....;)
  18. ButterFingers

    London : charge drivers levy for ‘needless trips to shops’

    give them Hover boards...metric of course!
  19. ButterFingers

    French touch

    love the look of the car, its patina and the garage are a close match.;) Peter
  20. ButterFingers

    Tachometer Flick Trick

    I know what you are going through Adrian, I have to do the same thing with my barometer every morning, on the speedo on the tractor and the fuel gauge on the Morris minor....just becomes a part of life really :rolleyes: Peter
  21. ButterFingers


    No Joke......really.. on my 1952 series one land-rover, the leaf springs were different from side to side, the drivers side had more camber than the passenger side. I definitely know this because mine always had a lean. I removed all the springs and compared on the bench, the difference being...
  22. ButterFingers


    What shape and thickness are the shims? circular to suit the spring shape with a hole in the center perhaps? If present, how many should be expected to find? would a small horse shoe suffice if caught in the bush?o_O
  23. ButterFingers

    series 2 Kienzle clock repair.

    an up date: the parts to be repaired are to small to handle, cant get in to hold bits to be soldered, so the clock is destined to the parts bin....I never throw things away..:cool: Peter
  24. ButterFingers

    No oil pressure after winter layup

    had no oil pressure on my recently restored Morris minor, had to eventually remove the gearbox, found that the new oil pump shaft had sheered off completely, the supplier sent a new one from the UK, fitted it, and away she went, 65 lbs pressure.A 3 week exercise with postage and lots of...
  25. ButterFingers

    Recommissioning of the Denovo 3500

    love the assorted sheds, never know what you might find in them, a body, a shed find Maserati with 50 years of dust, or Rumpol's old wig.....