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    Classic car show - Yealmpton South Devon

    There will be a classic car show in the lovely grounds of Lyneham Estate, Yealmpton (between Plymouth & Ivybridge, near A38) on Saturday 2nd June. Ideal for Devon/Cornwall based owners. It is organised by Saltram Rotary, raising funds for Devon Air Ambulance. Starts 11am (exhibitors 10.30am) -...
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    Rear seat belts

    Following on from another post (in Gallery) where it was highlighted that rear seat belts were an option from new, it got me thinking. As an impressionable youngster back then, I was very familiar with early P6s due to the number of people we knew who had them, and I don't recall ever seeing...
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    3500S for sale

    It just shows that you can learn something every day, even if it's of no practical benefit. I saw this car advertised and initially thought 'strange colour scheme, why not choose a standard combination'. I was then surprised to see Mexico Brown with Toledo Red listed from Oct 71- March 72 in...
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    Strong price for a P6B

    No doubt it's in reasonable condition and I quite like the colour but it's quitev a strong price for a P6B. Having said that, the dealer in question presumably has to add a 'mews' tax onto all of his stock and I've yet to see a bargain-price car in his adverts. I thought it was a VIP when I...
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    Red P6 in Brittany France

    Spotted a red Series 2 travelling on the N12 dual carriageway in Brittany, yesterday. It was on the opposite carriageway, so unable to see if a V8 or a 4 cylinder, or the registration number, and didn't even notice whether it was LHD or RHD. Fitted with a roof rack and boot-mounted spare...
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    Tyre markings - radial band

    I came across this on a different forum and found it interesting. Link below for info.: ... wtopic=165 (I have no idea who WIM are and have no connection)
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    Sliding steel roof

    How many of these are still about now? I'm not sure that I've seen a P6 with a sliding steel roof before.
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    3 for 2 offers

    What would you do. I was recently in a shoe shop that was advertising a '3 for 2 special offer'. I couldn't fathom out why anyone would want a third shoe, but what would you have asked for, an extra left or right shoe. I was tempted to ask for an extra right one as the heel wears more when...
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    Almond P6B Plymouth

    Saw a very nice looking almond 3500, YTT 534K, in Plymouth (Devon) today. Originally Devon registered, so it hasn't 'travelled' very far in its 40 years.
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    Police Rovers

    I came across this site from a link on the SD1 forum and thought it might be of interest to some here. A few Rovers are shown, including a couple of P6s. ... icing.html
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    Well done Rudiger

    I am sure everybody else on here is already aware of it, but I have just stumbled across Rudiger's excellent website, which just shows how slow I am :mrgreen: I just thought I'd say a big 'well done' to Rudiger, and I now look forward to spending a bit more time browsing.
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    Tobacco leaf 2000, S Devon

    Seen on a garage forecourt (not for sale) near Totnes, S Devon on Monday 6/8, Tobacco Leaf 2000, YFJ 950K. Also saw a very nice looking Mexico 3500S (well, it had spoke wheel trims) later in Paignton, S Devon. (No regn. no. as it drove across the front of me at a junction)
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    Cornwall, Sunday 5 August Mount Edgecumbe

    The annual classic car show at Mount Edgecumbe, Cornwall, is this Sunday 5th August, 11am. start (just across the water from Plymouth). There are usually a couple of Rovers there; one review states 500 cars, but I suspect that might be a bit optimistic. Country park setting, with grounds...
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    Not a P6

    There can't be many older Rovers with this sort of provenance still around after nearly 60 years. For those that know P4s, quite rare to have the handbrake on the right of the seat, just that one year's production. Also still has the correct earlier non-pleated leather...
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    M5 Somerset, Almond 2000TC

    Seen at about 3pm yesterday (Mon), an almond Series 2 2000TC, AOU 959J, on the M5 Southbound near J23. It's not often that you see (well, I don't) P6s on the motorways now, and it's surprising how 'compact' they look when compared to modern cars, even a mid-range Peugeot looked much bulkier...
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    One of a kind

    Listed as one of a kind, I wonder why? Answers on a postcard etc.. :)
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    Original alloy wheel option?

    The advert states that the alloy wheels were an original option on the VIP models. Is that correct? I haven't seen these on a P6 before and don't recall alloys being an option when they were new, although I haven't seen any original brochures etc. for the VIP models. I know that some...
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    Good to see one in use

    Taken from another forum. Anyone on here?
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    2000TC series 2 Pity it's in Cyprus
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    What other cars had boot mounted spares

    There are quite a few posts on here about the boot mounted spare wheels. Now, I know that Series Land Rovers had bonnet mounted spares, but did any other cars have boot mounted spare wheels? I'm not thinking about the older 30s & 40s cars that might have had them fitted into the vertical...
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    What colour is this

    Is this a rover colour? « Thread Started on Feb 5, 2011, 8:39pm » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not sure if it's a rover colour but this looks nice, any one have an idea what this colour is called? Read more...
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    Cheap Range Rover Classic

    Not a P6, but might be of interest to some. If anybody is after a nice Range Rover Classic, maybe this would fit the bill. I have always had a soft spot for the early ones, especially the 2 doors. I know they are becoming sought-after, and provenance is a valuable commodity, but does anybody...
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    Early series 1 auction

    Not e bay, but spotted this advert. On the face of it, looks quite tidy.
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    Door trim 'wood' fillets

    As a newbie, I am hoping that someone here might be able to throw some light on something for me. My first car (in 1975) was a 1964 regd. 2000, which my father had before me and which he had originally bought from a neighbour, who had owned it from new. This car was registered in June 1964 and...
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    Greetings all, I came across this forum by accident whilst trawling the net and thought i'd sign up. I don't have a Rover at the moment (although i do still have a TVR with the RV8, if that counts!) but have had a few over the years, including a very early production 2000sc (originally in the...