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  1. drabbers

    Dutch Rover V8 "4600" - (former 2200TC topic)

    Stunning ! Brilliant colour combination and I love chrome Rostyles with white bands. Mark
  2. drabbers

    Dutch Rover V8 "4600" - (former 2200TC topic)

    Wow, Few more pics please ! Mark
  3. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    Couple of pics showing slack chain.Really pleased with the bores. No steps or scoring at all and light carbon on piston crowns only.Started to clean up valley. Lifters slide out easily by hand. Only down side so far is several rocker arms have deepish wear indents where valve stem contacts.
  4. drabbers

    Cam running in procedure.

    I bought all my bits - cam / lifters etc from Real Steel. Cam lube supplied with cam. Also bought a ZDDP rich running in oil - in 1 litre bottles - on their recommendation at the same time. They advised 500 miles and then oil change. Mark.
  5. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    Had a play for an hour this afternoon. Luck was on my side with timing cover - removed without a problem & no snapped bolts. Timing chain has about 18mm deflection on one side - I guess it's the nylon teeth that mask any rattling you would expect when stretched this much. Mark.
  6. drabbers

    Cam running in procedure.

    Thinking about the cam running in procedure. Always advised as the 20 min @ 2000 rpm from start up (which I will follow) What happened when the cars were new ? The original running in procedure would probably have involved gentle driving for first 500 / 1000 miles ? Is this why many cams...
  7. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    Still the original 10.5:1 engine & heads - circa 73k miles. Have got sd1 heads to fit - was considering fitting later cup stem seals to these. Mark.
  8. drabbers

    Ruskie the 3500s

    Might be worth using 'rust eater' type rust remover ? I have de rusted panels using this before - takes a few applications & patience, but even eats rust out of pitting. Mark.
  9. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    I'll have the old cam out in next couple of days and post pics. Hurricane cam going in. Engine cleaner and stiff tooth brush planned. Mark.
  10. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    Started strip down. Quite pleased how clean it is inside so far. Camshaft still has lobes ! Bottom of bored still have visible hone marks. Mark
  11. drabbers

    My '72 P6 V8 is back in use on UK roads and once again wearing its silver on black 'K' plates!

    Well done ! You must be itching for a good run. Look forward to write up. Mark.
  12. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    Picked up engine & box yesterday - this was removed a while ago when the bay was painted. Landed back home Plan to remove box & send to eight of them for rebuild. Mount to shiny new engine stand & freshen up. I have - new cam - lifters - duplex timing set - oil pump upgrade kit - SD1 heads -...
  13. drabbers

    On eBay every few days!

    £4800.00 is the magic number for most of the spoof ads @ the moment ! Mark
  14. drabbers

    On eBay every few days!

    Quite bizarre Literally thousands of hacked ads every couple of days. Not sure what scam is or eBay vendetta ? It makes armchair browsing a real chore ! Mark
  15. drabbers


    Spotted waiting to board ferry @ Calais on Monday - brown 3500 - beige vinyl roof - what looked like amg wheels (from a distance) Mark
  16. drabbers

    3500 on getting some interest

    Nice car. Really good pictures. Mark
  17. drabbers

    The NADA is home....

    Wow... You must be pleased. More pics without 'uk' rain required ! Mark.
  18. drabbers

    Weekend away Photo

    What a stance. Back end looks perfect. Mark.
  19. drabbers

    Door Card Fit, Appearance, Originality and Quality

    Im suffering from interior envy !! Stunning job. Mark
  20. drabbers

    Napa NADA Makeover Underway

    Can't wait to see finished article ! Same colour ? Mark
  21. drabbers

    Napa NADA with New Buckskin Leather Has Come Home!!

    Wow. You must be really pleased. Mark.
  22. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    Thanks Arthuy, I am hoping ready for June next year - Le mans trip. Still a lot to do though. Mark.
  23. drabbers

    Electric P6e

    Small electric for daily. Keep the real V8 a V8 ! Seriously - well done for 45 years ownership. Mark.
  24. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    O/S front jacking point in action (closing plate still to be tacked) N/S front jacking point. N/S rear jacking point and adjacent floor repair. Mark.
  25. drabbers

    GAN 340J 1971 series 2 V8

    My car is whole again - metal wise Doors - wings - bonnet - boot - cover sills - all trial fitted. Cover sills removed and spire nuts installed as alternative fixing method. N/S rear sill end O/S rear sill end. Revised jacking points work really well. Mark