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  1. ButterFingers

    series 2 Kienzle clock repair.

    hi there, I have a spare Kienzle clock which is also not working. Have read the other posts on repairs so had a look at mine. In pat180269 post the offending bit is the contact , same with mine. so this is what I have found. In the picture the copper contact at the top has a hole in the center...
  2. ButterFingers

    taco stopped working

    hi there, had recent electrical work done on the dizzy, electrician disconnected the original wires to the dizzy and taped them all up. not to be used any more! now the rev counter is not working, so logic dictates that possibly one of the taped up wires, made the rev counter work? wiring...
  3. ButterFingers

    engine earth strap

    Hi there, Where is the engine earthing strap located? I cant move the car to my hoist because the car wont start and I will have to jack it up to check if the earth strap is broken or damaged is some way. It will be a great help if I know exactly where to look before venturing under the car. Peter
  4. ButterFingers

    logging in

    hi, logging in from Australia takes me about 30 mins sometimes, the login time is 15 mins, is it possible for Australian members to be allocated extra log in time. The national NBN is pitifully slow, supposed to be super fast, but it has become a big con over here. Charging extra $40 + for...
  5. ButterFingers

    suddenly a rough running engine

    hi there, I went to start my car today and it took ages to start, usually it starts after about 3 stabs at the starter. I went on a club run 2 weeks ago and it ran perfectly, just sailed along the motorway at about 80klm per hour...fine. Today it finally started, sounded if it was running on 4...
  6. ButterFingers

    video from morris minor club uk , rovers at show

    hi there, I also belong to a Morris minor forum and found this latest video, shows lots of interesting Rovers including a P4 Ute! Morris Minor Photos & Videos Thread (Page 11) : Morris Minor Chat : Morris Minor Forum (MMF) : The Morris Minor Forum scroll to the last post... Peter
  7. ButterFingers

    convertible p6 at Practical Classics restoration show at the NEC in Birmingham

    found this on the Morris minor forum that I belong to. convertible p6 at Practical Classics restoration show at the NEC in Birmingham dont know if it actually has a folding top, but with the English climate so changeable, it would be essential? Down under as well . to keep the sun off your...
  8. ButterFingers

    brake booster servo

    hi there, I need to replace the brake servo on my p6b rover. is this unit LR17792. with a 2:1 ratio suitable ?
  9. ButterFingers

    brakes need lots of pressure and engine running a bit rough.

    Hi there, I have been using the car fairly frequently and today on my return trip from town , I noticed that I had to use a lot of pressure to stop the car when braking. The brakes were working fine up until then. When stopped it was running a bit rough and not its usual smooth self. I opened...
  10. ButterFingers

    building the p6 factory movie

    here is an interesting link to an old movie about building the Rover p6. its the 2nd half of the film, the first half being lost. I found this on J R Wadhams home page under links... there are others as well, so have a gander Assignment P6 also this link to restoring a Rover 80 so as to get it...
  11. ButterFingers

    clock problems

    hi there, Today I fitted another clock to the rover p6b. I had been assured that this was a working one, but alas it did not get a tic tock up, dead as a dodo. So now I have 2 dead circular clocks and ask is there any body that can repair these old 12 volt clocks? it would just be nice to have...
  12. ButterFingers

    strange noise from the p/s rear.. had a win

    hi there, I have had an annoying rattle from the rear p/s side for the last 18 months. Today over lunch , I reasoned that I had checked all the rubber bushes that I could see and inspected nuts for looseness, all were serviceable , so in desperation I decide to remove the n/s rear shocker, as...
  13. ButterFingers

    genunine rover V8 tow bar

    hi there, I have a rover-tow bar as previously fitted to my Rover P6 automatic V8. includes bolts to fix, includes tow ball ... open to offers, its in very good condition, ready to tow your gin palace around Australia.. Peter pictures to follow when the rain stops, ....
  14. ButterFingers

    gas struts for engine bay bonnet

    hi there, Has anyone fitted a pair of gas struts to the bonnet of a P6? I think that it would be a good modification and make trying to reach forward and grab the stay , a thing of the past. If I measured the open height required, would that be the the only measurement needed for sourcing a...
  15. ButterFingers

    is this the most expensive oil tin ever?

    Hi there, spotted this on ebay here in Australia, could be the most expensive oil tin for brake fluid? the fluid is probably past its use by date too, so its not that a good buy? :mad: better be quick before its gone for good... KANGAROO TIN,GOLDEN FLEECE...
  16. ButterFingers

    extra seal found when painting rear wing

    hi there, I removed the rear wings for painting and found a rubber or sponge seal that is not mentioned in the workshop parts manual, see picture. I contacted Geoff at Winns and he has them in stock, so waiting for them to arrive from England, meanwhile am getting on with the painting before my...
  17. ButterFingers

    mystery knocking noise found

    hi there, Finally found the source of the mystery knocking sound that has been with the car since purchase. Went for a rego pink slip check and found that the near side rear brake caliper was loose on its mount, it was actually moving back and forth when driving. the handbrake test lead to...
  18. ButterFingers

    can not remove front wing

    hi there. I am trying to remove the front n/s wing for painting, and following the workshop manual to the letter. I have removed all the bolts, and the front bumper, so as to pull the wing forward and remove. There is no mention in the W/M about having to remove the bumper, but that is the only...
  19. ButterFingers

    wont start in park?

    Today I experienced a transient moment , parked the car in the shed ,turned off the ignition , but discovered that I was too far to one side, so turned the starter key and nothing. Tried several times and nothing. Opened the boot and cleaned the battery posts, tried again and nothing. A moment...
  20. ButterFingers

    reconditioned brake booster

    Hi there, I have just had my brake booster restored, $649.00, inc postage both ways to Sydney. All 3 bores S/S lined and now I have to refit it. Q: do I have to bleed the booster connections in some way when bleeding the brakes, if so, how, and in what order would I do the job? Peter
  21. ButterFingers

    sticky choke ? this is possible solution for some?

    Hi there, Some time ago I had a very sticky choke and tried several different things to fix the problem. this is my latest fix and it may work for others? I had previously repositioned the choke , from the center consol to the R/H side of the dashboard by the steering wheel. The cable was long...
  22. ButterFingers

    incrediable garage find, 20 yrs in, and still almost concourse?

    hi there, take a look at this incredible garage find, almost concourse if you have vivid imagination, a tongue that wont fit , and lots of patience for restoring an old girl. just needs a little tidy up and some doors with handles!
  23. ButterFingers

    Is this a single system or duel master cylinder ?

    hi there, I am having my brake servo rebuilt and lined with S/S bores at great expense , and thought that while I'm at it , that removing the master and installing a new seal kit would be a good idea. I want to order the parts from Wins , but not sure if it is a duel system of single? The rear...
  24. ButterFingers

    rebuilt brakes loose all fluid from master reservoir

    hi there, I recently rebuilt the front brake calipers , installed new rubber hoses. Bled and tested and a run of the car up the road, all was good. 2 weeks later and it was follows. Today I started the car , pressed the brake pedal and my foot went to the floor.. opened the...
  25. ButterFingers

    oil pressure checking guage?

    hi there, I wish to check the actual oil pressure on the V8 engine, I suspect that dash gauge is not correct or possibley the sensor on the engine is a duff one? Firstly is the sensor the one near the oil filter housing? I would need to buy a good oil pressure gauge and somehow fit it in place...