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  1. oldbloke

    A Road Less Traveled...

    Nope, fog rolling in from coast, our built in air co
  2. oldbloke

    A Road Less Traveled...

    ...above the Napa Valley!
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    ID This Rover Number

    Going through old documents rec’ved with my 1970 NADA. Inside cover of ‘Service Guide And Warranty’ booklet. Definetly not P6!
  4. oldbloke

    It was my birthday. Post pictures of your shiny happy Rover P6s!!!

    My two NADAs sheltering in place awaiting impatiently their next venture!
  5. oldbloke

    Hi Nick, see my post to you re: paint in the’lounge’ ....! Maybe get the pic in there.

    Hi Nick, see my post to you re: paint in the’lounge’ ....! Maybe get the pic in there.
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  7. oldbloke

    Here ya go, pretty close with a metallic look that makes it pop! See next post, can’t post a...

    Here ya go, pretty close with a metallic look that makes it pop! See next post, can’t post a pic on this comment...!
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    My stable...
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    Car Show

    Looking forward to your posts. Have to to live vicariously through others experiences on this side of things. Closest event still being held semi-doable for me would be a 700+ mile trek to Washington state.
  10. oldbloke

    Not a P6 but...

    Would have been a nice addition to the stable. Love mine.
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    Social distancing drive with mates

    Great seeing you out and about with the classics. Off for an all Brit car club ride in 20 minutes myself. We meet up and decide if anyone wants to take a drive, Usually in the 100-150 mile range thru Sonoma, Marin and perhaps Napa counties.
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    Rover P6 NADA 3500S Driveline update videos.

    Hi Ed, I’m near you in Napa with two 3500S’. See pics in the gallery for NADA/Federal Rovers. June 13 is my all Brit car club meetup in Rohnert Park if you want to come by and kick tires and swap tales. (NoBBC .com) north Bay British Car Club. Meet at Sonoma Bagel just off expressway. Jim
  13. oldbloke

    Make Hay While Sun Shines

    Isolation ride ...empty parking lot...classic farm equipment...classic Rover!6
  14. oldbloke

    Social Distancing

    Is this enough?
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    Wanted boot mounted spare wheel cover for 3500 and boot support stay rod and bracket.

    I have two almost new (or at least never used) covers for 3500S models. The shipping would probably be more than most would be willing to pay just to get one across the pond. 50USD each plus shipping.
  16. oldbloke

    FS Complete Carb Set For 3.5L V8

    Have swapped the SUs for a 4bbl on the 1970 Red Rover. Believe them to be rebuilt with low mileage since. They were working well when removed a couple of months ago. This includes the air filter, elbows and intake manifold. Asking $600USD plus shipping. Sorry, I won't sell pieces...
  17. oldbloke

    3500S in Wine Country

    Not far from me, and yes the red Rover currently being attended to with leaking front crank seal at mechanics in Santa Rosa. Two 3500s' are enough says SWMBO!
  18. oldbloke

    Flying the Flag

    Eh, this side of the pond the Union Jack is always garnering positive remarks (not so much the unrecognized cross of St George...folks thought I was a first aid station at one event when I flew it). I like to display a magnetic UJ on my front wings.
  19. oldbloke

    Brigade Red and Arden Green

    Even my shades of red/green colour blindness can appreciate the difference!
  20. oldbloke

    NorCal 1970 V8 FS

    Too bad I'm not really needing any parts and this is being sold as a salvage title!1970 Rover 3500S - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale
  21. oldbloke

    Result of inattentive driving...

    Think he now has car for sale at salvage price ($1)!!!
  22. oldbloke

    Result of inattentive driving...

    Owner was Nelson O. Believe it was in Chula Vista, Cal.
  23. oldbloke

    Result of inattentive driving...

    '65 P5...owner near tears! SoCal Roverphile.
  24. oldbloke

    Another 2000TC For Sale in the States! $2000

    ...and you sold off that lovely red P6 used to belong to the old lawyer?
  25. oldbloke

    Interested in a P6

    Ditto on buying the best you can! As to the 2200TC, while I have a pair of lovely V8s, knowledgable folks say that 2200TC is the one to look for!