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    If you are handy with a mill and can weld, you can repurpose the auto one with an adapter plate like we did on my car when I went LT77 and later, Jag.
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    A P6B in Tokyo... Project car

    We even have the AA in South Africa. One of the many things we inherited from the "occupation"...:LOL::D:thumb:
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    ZF 4HP22 step by step.

    This is all based on observation and anecdotal only as I have not yet got to this point in my plan, but the Discovery box will have a long shaft that is not suited to a rear wheel drive application as it is not threaded to accept a flange nut, and will be too long for an extension housing, too...
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    NZ assembled colours

    Leyland plant in Blackheath, Cape Town also used whatever was in the spray gun at the time. Their quality was legendarily shocking.
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    Used mill for sale

    The mill and the Miller's wife special....:LOL::oops:
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    NZ assembled colours

    Ask the seller to get the closest Dulux/Plascon/etc PVA swatch from a hardware shop and give you the number so you ca get an idea that way, maybe?
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    exhaust manifold.

    Like cobraboy said, preheat, weld, post heat and slow cool will do it.
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    Gearbox Manual required

    Can any of the learned members point me in the direction of a Repair and Overhaul Manual for the ZF 4HP22/24 gearboxes, please?
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    4hp22/24 parts

    I remember a thread here where the internals of the 4HP24 were put into the casing of a 4HP22, but for the life of me, I can't find it.. So, my question is, would the same swap be possible with the 4WD boxes? I have an opportunity to buy an automatic Land Rover Td5 Discovery II with a dead box...
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    I’m an idiot

    A side cover came off my Guzzi LeMans one day and I very unhappily ordered a new one from a mate who was the Agent at the time... A day or so later, his wife calls me to say she has a used cover for me which will save me some time and money..... turns out, someone had found it and given it in at...
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    Head bolts

    Correct, that procedure is for stretch bolts. For "Normal" bolts, I'd go half the value in the first go, then full value two times, with the exception of the outer row of bolts. They will remain at half torque.
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    Head bolts

    My Alfetta gave me all sorts of hell when I had to pull the head off because of that. I got lucky, it only took a few hours, a friend took 3 days to get his off.
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    mg gearbox

    The R380 in 2WD guise was fitted to the Sherpa, I believe, but they look to be getting scarce nowdays. Sowen had one or two of them back when he was active here.
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    The Infamous Series 2 Fusebox

    Please may I have a copy? johnkilfoil at yahoo dot co dot uk
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    Car Show

    It was a surprisingly nice ride, pity the rider's skill levels weren't up to task along with the really old, squared-off Pirelli Phantom that ended the dream.
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    Engine parts

    So, it turns out the main caps are 7/16" UNF and the big end nuts are a 24TPI NON-3/8"UNF special thread affair. After much to and fro, with suggestions going as far as M9X1, I discovered the Rover 3.5/3.9 V8 big end nuts fit perfectly. I got all 12 nuts off a dead engine for less than a Tenner...
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    Cheap rockers and shafts from Wadhams - Any good?

    My mate who used to race a P6 reamed his rockers out and fitted Ford Escort (spit) small end bushes.
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    Front brakes brake harder once every wheel revolution when brakes are warm

    My Discovery does that, and it's not the discs, a few sets of discs and pads, often together or just pads and it still has the one-per-rev judder.
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    mg gearbox

    I fitted a 4 speed O/d Jag box to my ex-auto, so it should be doable.
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    Car Show

    My first motorcycle. Bastard thing nearly killed me. Loved the sound of it, and the smoke screen when you really wound it open.
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    Opposed tank engine

    OPOC is one of the names given to the idea, Opposed Piston, Opposed Cylinder. A famous engine of this layout was the Junkers Jumo series, which were the first successful Diesel aero engines, developed in the 1930s.
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    V6 P6?

    I had wondered if a 4x4 conversion would be possible with a Synchro/Quattro/Subaru setup, or even a transfer case like the Jensen FF uses and a regular diff. It would take some serious massaging and fettling up front, that's for sure.
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    Garage refurbishment

    Paint?? Loooooksury, I tell you. I was in a tearing rush to head back to work, so it was packed and off I went. It's still unpainted, barring the bits I can get to, so now, it's a patchwork disaster area where I need to step outside to change my mind.
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    V6 P6?

    Later, we had the Opel Senator with the V6 3.8 lump. A very nice car overall and a brilliant towing vehicle. My mate used to tow the drag car around with it and said it was a pleasure to tow with.