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    My first ride with Jimmy !!!

    Good evening everyone.... Jimmy is here !!!!!! When driving to my parents´ place at the dutch border, I saw a strange coloured/looking point at the horizon standing right next to the old customoffice were Stefan and I used to live...........Jimmy, coming from the dutch side of the border ...
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    Jimmy with some problems !!!!

    Good morning, thank you Rich, Chris. Stefan and Heike will be at our parents place at about 3 o´clock pm our time, I will be there of course, maybe we will start my dads computer, otherwise he will be home a little later and try to reach you all then. Rolf
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    Jimmy with some problems !!!!

    Good evening/good morning everyone, as some of you know, Jimmy is on his way to Germany. I received a call from Stefan in which he described Jimmy having some problems with his electric gimmicks: 1. The wipers don´t or don´t consistently work 2. Some switches on the dashboard...
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    Guten Tag Chris, maybe Lucky wanted to show you that he needs some extra attention after you spent so much work/care on Jimmy ! :wink: Hope he´s alright in the meantime ! "See" you Rolf
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    Hi there, Stefan called me at about 08:30 pm yesterday (continental time). Heike and Stefan were stuck in Dover as the ferry wouldn´t go due to storm over the channel. Both were tired....but happy !!!! Jimmy runs without problems !!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D Stefan told me, that Heike...
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    Beyond repair - and everything else, too...

    Hi, location unknown. But if you take a look at the other pics and the description written beneath, most of them seem to be made in or around poor P6 might be somewhere around that area, too. bye Rolf
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    "Car driven by its owner for 83 years..."

    Beautiful, especially the pics of miller´s´s a pitty they had to terminate it !!!! Rolf
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    Newbie from Holland

    Welkom in het forum en groetjes uit Duitsland, Kees en erg leuke Auto met en erg leuke kleur !!!!!!!!! Rolf (nog op zoek na de gooie P6 samen met mijn broer en zijn vriendin)
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    Congratulations Chris and many years more from Germany, hope you´ll have a really nice day :D
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    ......the little brother

    Thank you all of you !!!!! I hope I´m pushing the right buttons for a reply. Vin, technical Questions will be Stefans thing as he already has much experience with Motorbikes and engines. I´m willing to learn everything about fixing a car/P6 but untill that point I only know how a car works and...
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    ......the little brother

    Hello everyone, I am Rolf, Stefan´s (transexl, here on the forum, too) little brother, married with Pamela, I´ve got two girls (Lisa, 10, Hanna, 4). I love old cars, untill several months ago never thought about having one though, now looking forward to having a P6 in the future as soon as we...